Signature Caribbean Dishes

Explore the best of the Caribbean with these signature dishes the islands are known for.

Here’s some of our top picks of dishes and where to find them:


Turks & Caicos

Conch Fritters


Conch fritters are a comforting and sumptuous meal involving breaded and fried conch dipped in a spicy sauce. Seasoned with onion, garlic, salt and cayenne pepper, the batter has a sensation of flavors.

Where to eat them: Hemingway’s restaurant offers this authentic Caribbean delicacy among an array of other appetizing food.

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Falcon’s Fury Ride at Busch Gardens

Everyone loves the new Falcon’s Fury ride at Busch Gardens Tampa, especially Olympic Medalist Tom Daley.

The recently opened ride is the first drop tower of its kind in the world, mimicking the dive speeds of the fastest animal on earth. The impressive structure stands at 335 feet and takes riders plunging 60 mph straight down.

At the ride’s highest point Busch Gardens has added an element of surprise.  Like its bird of prey namesake, riders pivot 90 degrees in mid-air to a face-down dive position. An instant later riders plunge 60 mph straight down with speed and power like never experienced.

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