House Tour with the SacconeJolys in Villa Reunion Resort 463

Discover a new meaning to vacation home in the beautifully designed, Reunion Resort 643. Uncover the wizardry magic, relive classic fairy tales and unwind in plush living areas or take a dip in the extensive private pool. Whatever activity you adore, this villa provides the entertainment for your entire family.

Reunion Resort 463's private pool

On their recent Orlando trip, popular YouTuber family, the SacconeJolys, stayed in Reunion Resort 463. During the vacation, everyday they featured the home in their vlogs and even included a house tour!  From swimming in the lengthy private pool, watching their favourite films in the cinema room and cooking up tasty breakfast treats in the stylish kitchen, the SacconeJolys truly captured the heart of this home.

Reunion Resort 463's living area

Lounge area

The sophisticated, open plan living space is a dining area, kitchen and lounge all in one. With plush sofas, an extensive dinner table seating your entire party and a fully equipped kitchen, relaxing in style couldn’t be easier.

Reunion Resort 463's kitchen

Kitchen space

Reunion Resort 463's Harry Potter themed room

Harry Potter themed bedroom

Discover the enchanting world of Hogwarts in this exciting Harry Potter themed bedroom! The spectacular space showcases rustic furnishings, fascinating Hogwarts details and a secret bookcase door, revealing another magical surprise.

Reunion Resort 463's Snow White themed room

Disney’s Snow White themed bedroom

For the Disney enthusiasts, this Snow White inspired bedroom brings the magical tale to life. Showcasing a bed for each famous dwarf, positioned in an imaginative designed room, the overall look is made to appear just like the renowned cottage.

Reunion Resort 463's home cinema

Home cinema room

Featuring a massive screen, comfy chairs and traditional styling, the home cinema is made for hours of family fun, enjoying a lenghty movie marathon.

The SacconeJoly’s had a magnificent experience in our villa, sharing it every day on their YouTube channel! Shown below is a house tour of the vacation rental, go and check it out:

For more information or to book the vacation home Reunion Resort 463, click here

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at Rocco’s Tacos in Orlando!

Rocco Mangel, Tequila connoisseur and bar-top dancing owner of Rocco’s Taccos is renowned for throwing the biggest Cinco de Mayo celebrations – this year is no exception!

Roccos Taccos Cinqo de Mayo

The excitement begins with live entertainment featuring Pancho Villas mariachi bands, DJs, prize giveaways and free tequila pourings! Serving up various drink specials and heaps of freshly prepared guacamole, the esteemed Mexican eatery offers a truly memorable experience. Could you think of anywhere better to be, celebrating the Cinco De Mayo holiday? Pop in on the day to attempt your best “Tequila Dance”, taste the array of finest cooked Mexican foods, fresh guacamole and dance along to the traditional tunes.

Beat the crowds and arrive early when the restaurant opens at noon!


7468 W Sandlake Rd

Orlando, FL 32836 (Dr. Phillips)

Phone: (407) 226-0550

Date and time:

Tuesday, May 5

Noon – Late

Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar is brought to life through the charismatic ways of it’s owner, Rocco Mangel. Presenting a full sensory Mexican dining experience complete with live mariachi bands and free tequila pourings, it’s a unique establishment. Sample over 330 varieties of tequila, either alone or mixed with Rocco’s famous homemade Margarita sour mix, nibble on guacamole prepared tableside or enjoy a traditional Mexican dinner at the playful restaurant that embodies the true spirit of Mexico. Signature menu dished include Jalapeno Rellenos, stuffed fried jalapenos poppers, with cotija, lime crema, avocado ranch, Enchiladas Mole Poblando, pulled chicken breast, mole poblano sauce; and Bistec con Chiles Rajas, grilled adobo skirt steak, grilled green onions, three pepper rajas, red rice, black beans, plus much more! Rocco’s welcoming and friendly environment, entices locals to continuously return, bringing others to enjoy the incredible service. 

For more information about the event, to book a table or if you have any other questions about your stay with us, contact our Concierge team on 0808 159 1851 (UK) or 1(877) 732-8813 (US) and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

What to Pack for Barbados: An Essential Guide

Fashion blogger Anna has joined us from to offer her amazing packing tips for those headed to Barbados this year!


Barbados is the perfect place for everyone. With the weather usually warm and sunny all year round, you have the option to experience the beautiful white beaches, exciting water sports, great local food, buzzing night life and much more. With so much to see and do in Barbados you could be concerned that you may not have everything need, or on the other hand, you might over pack. Here is a handy guide for all the essential items needed for a fortnight away in Barbados.


Day Time Clothing

Think about mix and matching things. I tend pack most items with a neutral colour, blacks, greys, whites, then add a few items with a splash of colour. Lay everything out to ensure they match. Keep in mind that the amenities in the Villas include washing machines, so you don’t have to worry about dirty clothes!

  • 5 tops
  • 5 bottoms
  • A light jacket or hoody
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Comfy Shoes for exploring the beautiful surroundings
  • Day bag or Rucksack

Evening Clothing

For the party goers, there are many bars and clubs, or for a more quieter night there are a variety restaurants offering some delicious local cuisine. Or you can always just kick back in the villa, making use of the uh-mazing kitchen (and your own private chef) to cook some tasty food. Many outfits can look completely different depending on the shoes and accessories, bearing this in mind, you may be able to get away with wearing a day time outfit with a formal jacket and shoes for a evening look.

  • 3 dressy/formal outfits
  • A light weight, smart jacket.
  • 1 pair of formal shoes
  • Girls, don’t forget an evening bag and a statement necklace in order to dress up an outfit!


The beaches are just perfect, so no doubt a huge portion of your time will be spent soaking up the sun on one of the many beaches, or relaxing by our own private pool at the villa.

  • 2 Swimwear options
  • For the girls, a lightweight caftan.
  • 1 Beach Towel
  • Beach bag


  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Suncream (make sure it’s a high SPF, both waterproof and sweat proof!)
  • Make-up
  • Face wipes
  • Face wash
  • Shower gel
  • Wash cloth
  • Contact lenses or glasses
  • Paracetamol and any other medication needed
  • Insect repellant
  • Tooth brush and Tooth paste


  • Wallet with all documents; including Passports, Travel Insurance, Flight Details,
  • Accommodation Information, Car Rental Information
  • Books
  • Money
  • Camera, Phone, Tablet
  • Plug Adaptors (American 2 pin plugs are in Barbados!)
  • Any chargers needed
  • Gym wear (For all you fitness buffs – who could say no to an early morning run across the picturesque white beaches, or make use of the fantastic gymnasiums that some villas have to offer!)

So there you go, a check list for all essentials needed for a fortnight in Barbados.Cross them out as you go to make sure that you don’t forget anything or you don’t pack too much! (If you do “forget” any clothing, it is a perfect excuse for a shopping spree in the fabulous shops of Barbados!)

If this blog post has got you dreaming of this idyllic tropic paradise, then why not take a look at our luxury villas in Barbados, and all of our Luxury Caribbean Villas, for the perfect, unique holiday experience.



Behind the scenes at Top Villas – The home owner story

We’ve put our home owners to the test and questioned them for all their inside secrets –  What was it about the location that made them build, what they love most about Orlando, the creation process and much more!

‘The Story Behind Reunion’s Biggest Home’

reunion resort 10000

Why did you choose Orlando, Florida to purchase a vacation rental?

Through the years Gemma, Reunion Resort 10000’s villa owner, experienced numerous family holidays to the prestigious Reunion Resort, Orlando. With it’s 11+ pools, top restaurants, signature golf and nearby Walt Disney World, there’s no wonder some of her favourite memories were made here. From meeting the famous Mickey Mouse, splashing around in Wet N’ Wild water park and screaming with excitement on Universal’s rides, Orlando became a home from home for Gemma.

reunion resort 10000's games room

What was the main thing you wanted to capture when designing the home?

It didn’t take long to convince Gemma to build her own vacation rental in Reunion Resort. Gemma and her family decided to create a fun haven with enough space throughout to make everyone feel at home which includes a bowling alley, private pool, spa room, home theatre and more. The vision was to create a homely environment, packed with luxury appliances and in turn be the best home in Reunion Resort.

After the long creative, building process of designing and choosing the eccentric, plush decor throughout, Reunion Resort 10000 was born! The brand new home, 10000 has made a name for itself. Owners and guests adore the fun filled interior, spending hours at the bowing alley ( Gemma’s favourite feature), swimming in the pool or just absorbing the vast amount of space the villa holds.

Embracing Orlando’s magic, Reunion Resort 10000 is the place to soak up Florida’s beaming sunshine, play an array of games and most importantly enjoy precious family moments. Even though Orlando is known for endless thrills, this home captures the little moments that make a family holiday truly special.

For more information or to book this vacation rental Reunion Resort 10,000, click here

‘Discover the Perfect Family Vacation Home’

reunion resort 1500 exterior

What are your favourite things about the location? 

Owner of Reunion Resort 1500, Sip adored travelling with his family, seeing new destinations and creating unforgettable memories. When it came to the decision of buying his own vacation rental, choosing between the relaxation of a coastal property to the exhilarating Orlando was a tricky one, yet Sip decided with the latter. He thought with many grandchildren on the way, a Disney based location would be the best option. Sip loved the idea of giving his grandchildren the ultimate Disney experience like he did regularly with his own kids growing up.

Through different trips, he developed a love of Orlando, his favourite elements being: the signature golf, Disney location, restaurants and entertainment for ages; it’s versatility. With Sip’s golfing hobby, his wife’s love of shopping and their shared admiration of food, you couldn’t find a better location. The atmosphere of Florida welcomed in every visitor, whether you were a regular goer or newbie; it’s warm climate mixed with friendly locals always made for a happy trip.

What creative vision did you have when designing the home? 

For the property, Sip had a  bright and contemporary vision in mind. Through the creative process, he ensured the decor was packed out with a monochrome theme and bursts of colour in various rooms to give the design a bit of eccentric flair. The finished outcome is the total family holiday home package – filled with a theatre room, games room, massive pool and gym; many of Sip’s family and guests favourite components. Reunion Resort was chosen as the designated community because it featured 3 astounding golf courses Sip adored, one of which the home overlooks plus the proximity to Disney World.

reunion resort 1500 pool

Home to such a collection of amenities, a villa holiday is given a whole new definition. Unleash the true Orlando magic on your family trip, the luxury way, chilling out in the theatre, heading for a dip in the pool and travelling to the nearby Disney parks; soaking up that beaming Florida sun.

 For more information or to book this vacation rental Reunion Resort 1500, click here
If you wanted to bite the bullet and create your dream vacation rental like our home owners did, our realty programme can help you through every step of the way, today!  

The Top Villas Guide to Disney’s Fastpass+

We’ve created an in depth guide to Walt Disney’s new Fastpass+ System, so you can focus on having fun instead of waiting in line!DisneySign (1)

What is the Fastpass+ System?

Disney’s Fastpass+ system allows guests to book reservations for rides and attractions in any of Orlando’s Walt Disney World theme parks in advance (even before you begin packing for your trip!). This new system replaces the original Fastpass reservations, which relied on paper tickets, with a sophisticated electronic system that utilises the Disney website, phone apps and guests’s magic bands (or traditional card tickets) to create a custom experience for each guest.

Previously, guests wanting to use the fastpass line for rides would have to pick up individual paper fastpasses for each attraction they wanted to visit, on the day of each visit. As you can imagine this made planning an efficient trip somewhat of a nightmare, especially if you wanted to be flexible or visit multiple parks in one day.

The new Fastpass+ system allows guests to book fastpasses up to 30 days out from their expected arrival date if they are staying off of Disney property. The brilliance of this system is that you can now combine the quality of an off-site vacation rental stay with the benefits of staying within a Disney Resort.

Top Villas Tip: Children under 2 who do not require park admission do not need to book Fastpasses


How to Make Fastpass+ Reservations Before Your Trip

1.) Purchase your tickets in advance

To make the most of the 30 day window to reserve your tickets, we recommend that you purchase tickets as early as possible before your trip. This allows you ample time to book up your selected fastpass choices, or to swap around before you arrive.

2.) Create a My Disney Experience Account


Once you have received your ticket reference number you will need to create a My Disney Experience account. You can do this on the Official Disney site. If you’re travelling in a group, you will need to add the names of everyone in your whole party. You can either invite them to manage their own account or manage them directly yourself (this is useful if you’re adding children to your party.)

3.) Link Your Tickets to Your My Disney Experience Accounts

This step is often easier if you download the My Disney Experience App onto your smartphone as you can directly scan the barcodes on your tickets. However, you can still use the website interface to enter the reference number of each ticket, you just need to type it out manually. Every single member of your party must have their ticket linked to their individual accounts if you want to be able to book fastpasses for them.


4.) Book fastpasses!

Once you’ve linked up your tickets you will be able to start selecting your fastpasses. A choice of several one hour windows for each attraction will be available for you to select for your selected date and park.

Top Villas Tip: You can select up to 3 fastpasses per day. If you’re thinking about visiting multiple parks in one day you should opt to select advanced fastpasses for the second park of that day. Don’t worry if you can’t get a fastpass for your chosen ride/time, often more fastpass options open up nearer to the time, or you can select last minute fastpasses via the app once you’re in the park.

Which Rides Should I Book Fastpasses for?

We’ve outlined some of our Top Villas top picks for fastpasses you should prioritise when selecting. The following attractions often draw big crowds or can have longer lines during the day so it’s best to try and book these attractions first.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom
Wishes Fireworks Show
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Peter Pans Flight
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Magic Kingdom (1)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest
Kali River Rapids
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Primeval Whirl

Magic Kingdom (2)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Toy Story Mania
Rock ‘n Roller Coaster
Star Tours
Frozen Sing Along

Magic Kingdom (3)

Note: The fastpass system is slightly different at EPCOT – there are two tiers of rides, guests may select one Tier 1 ride and two Tier 2 rides.

Fast Track (Tier 1)
Soarin’ (Tier 1)
Mission: SPACE

If you have any other questions or would like to get your attraction tickets booked in time to make Fastpass+ reservations, please contact our concierge team!

Where to Eat Mexican Food in Orlando

We’ve been looking for great Tex Mex for a while, but with so many restaurants in Orlando it can be hard to choose just one spot. Then we found Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar, a place that’s so cool, it’s HOT!

Roccos Tacos Orlando

Roccos Tacos Orlando

Visit Roccos Tacos just about any time of the day or night, and this exciting Orlando eatery is sure to be packed with customers. Here the food sizzles with a stampede of Mexican flavours, easily as good as you’d get south of the border. Listen out for the buzzword “Tequila!” echoing across the bar. That’s when you’ll see the owner, Rocco Mangel, donning platform shoes, dancing on the bar and pouring tequila shots into customers’ mouths.

“Rocco’s Tacos is so cool, it’s hot!”

Palm Beach Post

Since opening its doors on West Sand Lake Road just a few years ago, Rocco’s has become the go-to destination for authentic Mexican dining in Orlando, complete with high-energy tequila bar, DJs, dancing and free tequila pourings by the brand’s enigmatic owner.

Owner Rocco Mangel

Owner Rocco Mangel

The décor is the epitome of fun, with an expansive dining area, brightly coloured walls and a vast elaborately carved cocktail bar serving more than 400 varieties of tequila. The ceiling is adorned with Rocco’s signature star-shaped, punched-metal chandeliers, while illuminated hanging baskets cast a cosy light over the expansive outdoor patios.

The place reverberates with sounds from around the Latin world, and the food catches the groove with an expansive menu of Mexican favourites prepared with distinct attention to detail. You have to order the guacamole, which is made tableside, mashed, seasoned and customised as hot as you’d like it. Then there are the handmade tortillas, cooked fresh on the restaurant’s Cormal, just as they’re made in kitchens throughout Mexico.

Dining deals at Rocco's

Dining deals at Rocco’s

The molcajetes are a must-try, Rocco’s version of an authentic fajita baked and served in a lava bowl from Mexico. Wash it down with a choice of authentic Mexican libations. We love the margarita, made with one of 425 tequilas and a sour mix you’ll taste nowhere else – it’s made right on the premises.

“One of the best Mexican restaurants in Orlando.”

Gina B, Top Villas Guest

Cost-wise, Rocco’s prices are perfectly approachable, although guests come from far and wide for its famed Taco & Tequila Tuesdays, featuring all-you-can-eat tacos for $15.99, $5 margaritas and $15 margarita pitchers. Then there’s daily happy hour 4-7 pm with $2 off drinks and 7 bar bites for $7.

Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar Orlando is located in Plaza Venezia, near Eddie V’s. Free parking is available, and valet parking is offered. For more information or to book a table contact the Top Villas Concierge Team.

Making the most of your Concierge

Whether you require car hire, a personal chef, attraction tickets, airport transfers or even a chauffeur service on your Top Villas vacation, our Concierge team are always on hand. Priding ourselves on the esteemed personal service, we offer every extra you could possibly need to make your stay, a luxurious and unforgettable one.

Attraction tickets

Magic bands Disney world

Photo courtesy of klundin1213

Planning a trip to one of the most exciting places on earth can be daunting, however with our team eager to guide you through the way –  booking attraction tickets for Orlando’s top spots couldn’t be easier! From the magical Walt Disney World, thrilling Universal, Discovery Cove and many more, we can help you find the best deals.


Rent a car

Whether you’re sunning it up in Orlando, absorbing the exotic lifestyle of Miami or dreaming in Barbados, if you need to hire a car, we can provide it. Ranging in smaller vehicles to large SUVs, whichever you require, our Concierge team arrange, finding you the best quote. Renting a car will undoubtedly give you the flexibility and convenience you need for such a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Private chef

Chef Angelo

Vacations are a time to fully indulge and with the option of a private chef on hand, we promise that guarantee. Here at Top Villas, we offer villas all over the world, each available with a private chef and that special seal of luxury. Cooking up the finest of dishes, catering to your taste, a private chef makes every dining experience truly unique. On an Orlando stay in one of our villas, Chef Angelo brings the restaurant to you. He strives on providing high quality dishes for various group sizes, prepared with the guest’s vision and budget in mind.

Airport transfers

Airport transfers

When planning your trip, you need to bare in mind how you’ll be travelling from the airport to your vacation rental. Our Concierge can easily help with this – whichever Orlando airport you’re flying from, we can arrange private transfers to take you directly to the villa. Ranging from jeeps, SUVs and more, depending on the group size, we’ll find a transfer perfectly suited for you. Car on the Drive can be organised as part of the transfer; this entails a car picking you up from the airport and driving you straight to your vacation rental (up to 8 people only). Upon arrival to the villa, your rented car (if booked) will be waiting for you. Our team can book a one way transfer or both, it all depends on how you’d like to plan your trip, every detail required, the Concierge are guaranteed to assist.

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping

If you’d prefer to prepare your own dinners in the villa’s fully equipped kitchen, our team can aid you in supplying groceries straight to your front door. Simply follow this link, which takes you through to an online grocery store. Create your grocery pack, proceed to checkout and update the following information: the villa address and door code for your specific reservation. This will be found in your villa information pack, provided 2 weeks or sooner, prior to your stay with us.

Event planning

Top Villas wedding

With our villa portfolio growing constantly, there’s a vast choice of luxury properties to accommodate events such as weddings, birthdays, family gatherings and corporate functions. At Top Villas, our Orlando event planner shares numerous creative vendors and ideas to make your special occasion truly memorable. As part of this service, we can arrange caterers, bar tenders and any other extra you could possibly require.

Equipment hire

BBQ Equipment hire

When travelling with young children, hiring equipment including cribs, baby strollers or highchairs is essential and here at Top Villas we provide that service. From all the necessary childcare equipment to BBQs, foldaway beds, mobility scooters and more, our Concierge service can arrange to hire anything you request, guaranteed to be delivered to your door prior to your stay.


Encore club Orlando

Renowned for it’s signature golf, Orlando showcases many incredible courses designed by high class professionals in the top resorts we offer. Including Reunion Resort, Championsgate, The Encore Club and many more in the surrounding areas, there’s a vast choice to pick from. Our Concierge team are eager to provide you with all their specialty golf advice, arranging tee times, offering the best discounted rates and whatever else you may require.

For more information about these services or if you have any other questions about your stay with us, contact our Concierge team on 08081636374 (UK) or +18442854836 (US) and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

Vacation Home Views – A look at the Best Vistas

ViewsThere’s no denying that location plays a pivotal role in the making of a vacation home. Unrivalled natural beauty can only be enhanced by thoughtful design – something that our vacation home experts take into account when they trawl the globe to find our newest vacation rentals. While walls do have to go up (for practical reasons!) there are clever ways to merge the outside world with man made architecture.

Below are our top picks for vacation homes with undeniably beautiful views.


Home to over 400 miles of canal, there’s no surprise that Cape Coral is on this list! Having waterfront access is a feature that the majority of our luxury villas have in this area – but no other homes simply “do it” as well as Cape Coral 5. This stunning home allows guests to embrace the unspoilt calm of the canals, as well as captain their own boat along the waterways, all within the bounds of their own private vacation rental.

cape coral 5

The sunsets are truly remarkable here, with patio doors being flung open most evenings to welcome in the endless view and cooler night air. This doesn’t distract from the villa’s magazine-quality interiors, however, as careful planning has been put into every aspect of the home’s design, with 4 individually styled bedrooms and large, spacious rooms to relax in.


Reunion Resort remains one of the most exclusive resorts in Orlando, Florida. While many vacation rental communities can feel over developed, Reunion Resort still retains a large amount of green scenery thanks to the number of golf courses and well preserved conservation areas. Among these homes one of the best views has to be at Reunion Resort 8, a unique 5 bedroom home nestled on the edge of a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course.

It’s easy to justify having a pool day at this villa, even with the surrounding excitement of Orlando. The ever bubbling spa and custom designed pool area are well deserved treat from a long day at at the parks with the view being a welcome accompaniment.


The spacious interiors feel well lit, with care being taken to ensure there are enough spaces to relax for each member of a large party, a feature that can feel overlooked in cramped vacation homes.  If you’re looking for some alone time, the upper balcony offers an ideal spot to sit and watch the world go by.


Situated in the Virgin Islands, Tortola is a small slice of exotic paradise. While Richard Branson may be relaxing on Necker Island a mere 30km away, we would rather be sipping a cocktail on the patio of Tortola 8 and taking in the fantastic views. This 5 bedroom Caribbean vacation rental is a welcome retreat for those looking to get away from it all, with some of the best views in the world.

Tortola 8 has a scale of “epic” that is rarely found in vacation homes. Organic elements mingle with contemporary features throughout the home – heavy, wooden four poster beds sit in bedrooms equipped with all the mod-cons, while the large infinity pool seems to blend into the ocean beneath. Relaxed elegance is the only way to describe the home itself – it simply is relaxed and elegant!

tortola 8

Direct access to the gardens is a given here and we’re spoilt for it. Memorable dinners can be had looking across the ocean and islands beyond, while taking in the scents of the surrounding flora and fauna. If you’re looking for paradise, Tortola 8 is sure to tick all the boxes.


Private Chef Hire – Let the Restaurant Come to You

Treat yourself to delicious eats on vacation when you hire a private chef for a one-off meal or for the duration of your trip.

Chef Angelo Bersini

Chef Angelo Bersini

In our exclusive interview with private chef Angelo Bersani, we get the lowdown on his 5-star personal chef service and how you can enjoy gourmet cuisine in your vacation home – without having to lift a finger!

Hi Angelo! Tell us a little bit about your background and why you became a personal chef?

Hi! I’m a licensed personal chef and butler serving the Orlando and Central Florida areas. I have around twenty five years experience in entertainment and event management with a Culinary Arts degree from the Florida Culinary Institute in Palm Beach and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Rowan University. I’ve always loved cooking and I like the freedom it allows me in my professional and personal life.

What exactly does a personal chef do?

I provide personal chef services to private clients in their vacation homes including families, couples and large groups whether it’s an intimate meal for two, a family feast, dinner party, special occasion or corporate trip. Every dinner is planned to meet the vision and budget of the client and we only use the highest quality ingredients with meticulous attention to detail.

Is this affordable? Or is it just a luxury service? 

Yes it is affordable, costs are based on client’s needs and budget. Hiring someone to cook dinner in your home might seem decadent, but it’s not as expensive as you think, especially when you include the money saved on a babysitter. There are no overheads except your own, and you can drink your own wine, avoiding the hefty markup of a restaurant!

What kind of food do you serve?

I specialise in Mediterranean, North African, American, and Latin cuisines. There are around 26 different options on the Hors D’oeuvres menu including Lamb Skewers, Caviar Drops, Florida Blue Crab Cakes and Indonesian Satays. The dinner menu is a delicious selection of appetisers, mains, sides, salads and desserts. Some of the most popular mains are Filet Mignon, Chicken Satay, Marco Polo Duck, Coq au Vin, Salmon Wellington and Venetian Scampi. Chef Angelo Brownie Bombs and Custard Cocktails are just a few of the delicious desserts.

WPM Image 5Who needs a private chef? What are the benefits?

If you are on vacation and you have rented a vacation home from Top Villas, you need a chef. You deserve to be a guest in your own villa! Private dining is as good as eating out at a fine restaurant, but without the worry over babysitting or who is going to drive. All our dinners are full service. We deliver, set up, produce and execute the event; then clean up and restore the space.

What is the most memorable event you have catered for?

I love doing special family events such as family reunions and anniversaries. It’s always an honor and a joy to be a part of a family’s special celebration.

What is your most popular package?

Our most popular is dinner service for large families who are busy enjoying Orlando’s attractions. We make all the arrangements leaving people free to enjoy themselves without having to worry about anything else!

Do you offer any other services?

I can also arrange for butler services, cooking classes and concierge services, but my main focus is on private dining.

Chef Angelo is a member of The American Personal and Private Chef Association and The International Guild of Professional Butlers. For more information or to hire Chef Angelo during your Top Villas trip contact our concierge team. Sample menus are available upon request.

Best Restaurants and Nightlife in Hammock Beach, Florida

Famed as Florida’s hidden treasure, Hammock Beach is positioned on the Palm Coast showcasing over 2.4 miles of powder white beaches and transparent waters; the perfect paradise location.

Surrounded by sunshine, fun filled activities and amongst the soft sands, the unique pink shell beach, there’s no wonder Hammock beach is a sensational summer spot. With numerous restaurants and exciting nightlife to experience, here’s an overview of the best establishments to visit on your stay:

Captain’s BBQ

captains bbq

Sourcing the best quality meats and ingredients, Captain’s BBQ showcases a collection of mouth watering dishes, catering to a variety of tastes. With meats slow cooked on their special wood burning smoker, the time consuming process helps bring out a unique smoky flavour. Try the famous ribs, chicken, pulled pork, turkey brisket and a range of delicious sides, all found in this exemplary restaurant. Located on Oceanshore Boulevard, the eatery not only serves up sumptuous dishes but presents a scenic view of the Palm Coast.

A Fushion of Fine Eating

Grasping the full authentic ‘Old Florida’ local spirit and providing a diverse, worldwide menu, this finest food establishment serves up a selection of favourites. Boasting an infusion of American top picks from East to West, either taste the fresh seafood, aged steaks, scrumptious shrimps or enjoy the most luxurious beverages including wines and beers. Showcasing the freshest ingredients and welcoming service, it’s a must on your Hammock Beach stay.

Mezzaluna Pizzeria

Cooking up fresh, authentic Italian cuisine, the family style run restaurant brings heart and a welcoming spirit to your dining experience. With the team consiting of the entire family, their love of food is presented from their heart to your table. Incorporating an array of specialty pizzas, sandwiches, seafood dishes, salads plus much more as part of the menu, a meal out in this eatery combines delicious food and a heart-warming experience all in one. Dine in, take out or get delivered, whatever you prefer they provide!

Thai Korner Restaurant


Renowned for their fine dining experience, this luxurious Thai themed restaurant serves up an assortment of the most unique dishes. With a simple but elegant and warm atmosphere, everyone is invited to enjoy the distinctive food. Including traditional Japanese appetizers, soups, stir-frys, Thai curries, tempura, an array of seafood and even sushi, there’s more than enough choice to pick from.


Whether you love to dance the night away or enjoy a few drinks and a chat with your closest friends, the exciting nightlife in Hammock Beach is perfect for you. From the relaxing place of The Humidor Cigar Bar & Lounge, ideal for a catch up with old friends  to the Smiles Night Club, an exciting venue great for a thrilling night out, full of non-stop dancing. Scruffy Murphys of Flager is another chilled out place, known as the local hangout where visitors or residents choose to play a game or darts, pool or enjoy a few drinks.

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