Playing FootGolf at Reunion Resort

A person playing Footgolf at Reunion Resort

Imagine if you could combine soccer with golf and kick your way to glory on a stunning 18-hole course. Well… dream no more.

Reunion Resort is the perfect place to get to grips with FootGolf – a fun, challenging game that takes inspiration from two of the world’s best sports – on a specially designed course. No experience is required to get involved with this game, so young and old, sporty or not, all will enjoy this hilarious, thrill-filled activity.

Read on to find out more about this unique game offered at the Reunion Resort.

What is FootGolf?

In many ways, FootGolf is exactly like regular golf; the aim is to get around the course by potting the ball in each hole, with the fewest number of strokes – or in this case, kicks – as possible.

The big difference is that instead of swinging a club at a golf ball, you’re using your feet to kick a soccer ball towards the holes. Don’t worry, the holes are a lot bigger than your standard golf holes and they’re marked out with large flags, so they’re impossible to miss, and family members of all ages have a great chance at potting the ball. The distance between the holes is also a lot shorter, so you won’t be expected to run the full length of a traditional golf course!

Just like in golf, there are scorecards. You can choose to play a nine-hole round or, if you fancy it, you can go for the whole 18. Just look out for the bunkers and the water hazards!

Details about FootGolf at Reunion Resort

FootGolf at Reunion Resort

The thing that makes Reunion a special FootGolf destination is that the action takes place on a world-class golf course, designed by golfing legend and golf course architect Tom Watson, on the similarly names Watson course. Each hole has a par of between three and five kicks, and there’s a total par of 72 for the course.

When you sign up for a round of FootGolf at Reunion Resort you’ll also be able to rent a golf cart and a soccer ball. You can tee off from 3pm Wednesday to Sunday, but aim to book at least seven days in advance as this popular activity sells out very quickly, especially in the peak summer months! The fee for a game of FootGolf is $30 dollars per person, which included the soccer ball and the golf cart to help you get around easily.

Absolutely anyone can play, as long as they are able to kick a ball – so grab your friends and family and dive into a game. However, if you want to try something a little bit more similar to traditional golf, a miniature golf course is also available at the Reunion Resort, so make sure you grab your putters too.

Stay at the Reunion Resort, Orlando

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