When is the best time to visit Disney World?

Best time to visit Disney World

It’s the world’s most famous theme park and it’s open for business every day, but when is the best time to visit Disney World?

Like all theme parks in Orlando there is no ‘bad’ time to go but with a little forward planning you can make sure your visit lives up to your expectations. Whether you’re looking perfect weather, shorter queues or cheaper prices, read on to find out more about the best time to visit Disney World.

Visiting Disney World in January

Disney World Weather in January

You won’t need to worry about the weather which tends to stay cool and dry at this time of year. However, although it doesn’t get cold, with a typical low of 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit, and a high of 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it is worth packing an extra cardigan or jacket for the chillier days. 

Disney World Crowds in January

By the first week in January most kids are back at school making it a great time to visit Disney if you prefer it quieter. January is the low season in Orlando so you can expect far fewer tourists at the parks, which means quieter days, smaller queues all around the Disney World parks, and the chances you will be able to get reservations for your chosen restaurants is much higher.

Are Disney World pools open in January?

Yes, the pools at the surrounding Resorts and Water Parks are open, covid restrictions allowing, as they can be heated to a comfortable temperature. January is often a good time for the Disney parks to close at least one of the water parks for refurbishment, however, so if you are going to Disney World in January with a mind to visit the pools, do check ahead of time to confirm that they are indeed open.

Disney World events in January

As January follows directly on from the festivities of Christmas time, and the celebrations for New Years, January is often a very quiet month in terms of events. Sometimes, Christmas events do carry on into the early days of the month. In 2022, Disney World will be welcoming the start of the famous Festival of Arts in the Epcot park, and Cirque du Soleil will also be performing.

Disney World in February

Disney World weather in February

The temperature in Disney World is still very reasonable, and neither too hot nor too cold. This is a great month to visit with little ones, as the quieter crowds combined with the more reasonable temperatures makes for a more relaxing experience. In February you can expect a low of around 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and a high of 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Is February busy at Disney World?

Aside from the UK half term, February is a good month to visit Disney World. The exact dates of the UK half term vary year to year, so it’s a good idea to check ahead if you want to go in that small time frame with your little ones, or you aren’t taking children and are hoping to pick a week in February where crowds will be thinner. Apart from that one week, the crowd level will be quite similar to January, with low-cost deals on accommodation. During Valentine’s season, you may notice the crowds will pick up a little more with more couples visiting together, and the queues may get a little longer, but as Disney World doesn’t put on any major events for this celebrated occasion, it shouldn’t affect the crowds too much.

What to bring to Disney World in February

As it is generally still fairly cool (at least for Florida!) in February, we recommend ensuring you have some warm layers ready to put on should the temperature change. Rain showers can also occur in February, so comfortable, waterproof shoes should be on your packing list, so your visit isn’t impacted by soggy socks!

Disney World in March

What to Wear to Disney World in March

In March, the warmer temperatures of Spring are truly on their way. You can expect warmer, sunnier weather to start to break through the chill of the receding winter months, which means you are less likely to need that jacket you have stowed away in your backpack. Temperatures vary between a low of 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and a high of 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s a good idea to dress in layers that you can take off and put back on accordingly.

Crowds at Disney World in March

March is the month when the crowds start to thicken as we go further into the year, and the temperatures begin to warm. Also in March are a few festivals and events, including the Epcot International Flower and Garden festival, and St Patrick’s Day celebrations, which, whilst definitely worth a visit, will mean more visitors overall. However, the crowds in March are not quite comparable to the size of the crowds you will see in later months.

How to pack for Disney World in March

As March is a month that borders both Winter and Spring, it is advisable to be prepared for both. Pack plenty of layers, and bring clothes that are appropriate for either season, so you can check the weather and dress warmly (or cooley) depending on what the weather is doing that day. Rain is again possible, so packing waterproof shoes is a great idea.

Going to Disney World in April

Weather at Disney World in April

Like March, April is another month that is kissing goodbye to the cold winter and embracing the sun of spring. You can expect sun on most days, as it only rains an estimated 4 days in April, and offers a low temperature of around 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and a high of 84.2degrees Fahrenheit. 

Is Walt Disney World busy in April?

Yes, from March onwards until the end of summer, you can expect to see a steady increase in the size of the crowds who want to visit Disney World. In April, the good weather combined with UK bank holidays, Spring Break, and Easter celebrations, means plenty of people have got the Disney parks in mind for their April vacation. However, it is still quieter than the height of the summer months, and is still a fantastic time to go if you don’t mind it being a little bit busy, but want some warmth and sun pretty much guaranteed for your own visit.

Disney World in May

aerial shot of disney world's magic kingdom

Disney World weather in May

Weather-wise, May is one of the best bets for reasonable yet warm temperatures, with still only a low risk of rain which comes at an average of 6 days in the month. Furthermore the low doesn’t tend to drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can expect it to stay relatively warm throughout your visit. On the other hand, the high can top 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit, so be prepared to bring sun cream and bring cooler clothes.

What to wear at Disney World in May

As the temperatures stay comfortable and warm throughout the day, it is reasonable not to need layers, although of course it is always handy to keep something in your backpack should the temperature take a cooler turn, or you are unlucky enough to be at the parks during one of Orlando’s rare May showers. As always, waterproof, comfortable shoes are a good idea in May. But typically you should dress for warm weather, in clothes that will help you to stay cool.

Is Disney World busy in May? 

After the initial boom in crowds in April, they tend to thin again for May once Spring Break and Easter are over. This is a brilliant time to go for quieter parks and warm weather, so you can get the very best of both crowds and temperature. This continues right up until Memorial Day Weekend, which is the official kick-off for summer at Disney World.

Visiting Disney World in June

Disney World in June crowds

June signals the first month of the summer season at Disney World. Which means you can expect the crowds to grow as visitors come from all over the world to experience the park in beautiful weather. Queue times are likely to be fairly long, so if you are visiting in June, it might be worthwhile to think about booking your restaurants well in advance, and exploring what is on offer for those who want to skip the queues to their favourite rides.

Disney World weather in June

Temperatures continue to soar in June, as we are now firmly into the summer months. Temperatures don’t tend to drop lower than 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and at its highest, can sit at around a whopping 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit. However, despite the rapidly climbing temperatures and sweltering heat, June is also well known for its rain showers in Orlando, with an average of 12 days of rain out of the month. That means almost half the days in June might bring rain. 

Packing for Disney World in June

The main consideration when packing for Disney World is the high temperatures. Pack clothes that you know will keep you cool such as t-shirts and shorts. It is also very important to bring things like sunscreen and sunglasses to help you cope in the sunshine. On the flip side, as June can also be quite a rainy month, be prepared to pull out a water-proof jacket from your bag at any given moment, and wear waterproof shoes so that you aren’t caught out in the rain.

Disney World in July

crowds at disney world

What to wear to Disney World in July

July is another sweltering hot summer month, with temperatures reaching a staggering 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit. With that in mind, it is essential to focus on keeping you and your family cool, with light-weight clothes, light colours, and wearing shorts and t-shirts. However, despite the heat, July is also an extremely rainy month, with almost half the days bringing some rainfall. With that in mind, and keeping the high temperatures in mind too, make sure you have access to light, cool, and waterproof clothing that you can quickly don, should the skies open up unexpectedly. 

July crowds at Disney World

The beautiful warm weather continues into July, meaning crowds are growing and growing. July offers the perfect conditions for the water parks to be operating at full capacity, as thousands will be looking for a lovely, cooling dip in the height of the summer temperatures. The queues at Disney World will be quite long, so remember to bring water to help keep you hydrated, and bring sunscreen to protect yourself from its rays. The Food & Wine Festival also starts in Epcot in July, so you can expect plenty of revellers this month!

Going to Disney World in August

Is Disney World busy in August?

In August, you are fully into the school holidays, with schools being out for the summer in locations around the world. For that reason, you can expect August to be another extremely busy month with families taking advantage of closed schools to whisk their children away on a vacation to DIsney World. Expect long wait times in August, and make sure to arrange your dinner reservations well in advance, so that you aren’t left disappointed. 

What to wear at Disney World in August

August in Orlando is a beautifully sunny summer month, just like June and July, with similar weather throughout. You will need to be prepared to dress for both the soaring heat, and for the rain. Loose, cool clothing and something to keep the moisture of your skin and hair, is the key to an enjoyable and comfortable visit to Disney World in August.

Disney World temperature in August

Just like June and July, DIsney World sees a rate of almost half the days packed with sweltering sunshine, and the half bringing some rain fall. With an average of 14 days of rain, you can expect a low of 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and a high of 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heading to Disney World in September

the disney park epcot at disney world orlando, during sunset with water in foreground

Disney World weather in September

The weather in September is still extremely warm, as we are now at the tail-end of the summer season. It isn’t that much different to the earlier summer months, with an expected average low of 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and an average high of 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit. However, just like the rest of the summer months, September is unfortunately slightly rainy, with an average of 11 days offering some rainfall. 

Disney World crowds in September

September marks the end of the summer season at Disney World, with children typically returning to school in this month. This means the hustle and bustle is likely to retreat a little bit, offering slightly calmer crowds in the parks, with the rides and restaurants easier to access. September is a fantastic time to go to Disney as it is a little more off-peak than the previous summer months, but still offers fantastically warm weather, and you may see the prices of local accommodation begin to drop.

Disney World in October

Disney World weather in October

October marks the start of Autumn and the slow descent into the cooler months of winter. Both the average high and average low drop ever so slightly, with a range of 68 degrees to 84.2 degrees . This means that it is a little bit cooler, and, on a very positive note, October actually offers less rainy days on average compared to the previous summer months. There are only 5 days of rain expected in October.

What to wear to Disney World in October

With the temperatures still very high, and the risk of rain lowering, you can be confident of a warm, sunny trip to Disney World without interruptions of the frequent down pours that are more of a risk in earlier months. THerefore, you can choose clothes that help keep you cool, and don’t have to think so much about bringing waterproof clothes – though of course these are still useful to have handy in case you are unlucky enough to be caught in 1 of the 5 days of rain throughout the month.

October events at Disney World

In October, right at the very end of the month, you have the Disney World Halloween celebrations. These are quite popular, as there are special decorations, treats and events on offer throughout the parks. Furthermore, in 2022, Disney World’s 50th Anniversary is being celebrated on the 14th October.

Disney World crowds in October

Due to Halloween, the upcoming 50th Anniversary, and the UK half-term, October can be quite tricky to navigate in terms of crowds. During Halloween, the crowds are expected to grow dramatically as people come from all over the world to celebrate the holiday at Disney World. And the UK half-term means Brits are likely to whisk their families away to Disney World for a quick break. However, apart from these two occasions, children are mostly in school, so whilst it will still be a little busy it won’t be comparable to the heaving crowds of the summer months. 

Visiting Disney World in November

Disney World weather in November

The average low in November drops very quickly compared to October, sitting at around 59 degrees , which is quite a bit cooler than the average low in the previous month. The high also lowers to 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see, in November, it starts to get much chillier. However, fantastic news on the rain front, as there is only an average of 3 days of rain in the whole month, which makes November a fantastic month to visit Disney World without needing to worry about unexpected rainfall. 

November crowds at Disney World

Aside from Thanksgiving, November is again a typically quieter month. With temperatures that don’t drop too low, a lower chance of rainfall, and lower wait times for rides due to thinner crowds, November is a great time to visit if you can. 

What clothes to pack for Disney World in November

You are very unlikely to need waterproof clothing in November, though of course it doesn’t hurt to have a small anorak tucked away in your bag. Instead, focus on packing light clothes that can be layered easily with jumpers, cardigans and jackets, so you can dress comfortably no matter whether the temperature is in the highs or lows.

Going to Disney World in December

bright fireworks against a black sky

Disney World weather in December

The low temperature drops quite dramatically from the previous few months, to an average of 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The high tends to hover around 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall is pretty low in December, with an average of 4 days in the month offering any rainy weather.

What to wear to Disney World in December

December doesn’t see much rain, so you may not need to worry about bringing anything waterproof. The high is quite comfortable, so you may want loose clothes. However, the low is fairly chilly, so you may want to dress in layers so you can make yourself warm or cool as needed and depending on the day. Make sure you have both warm and cool clothing with you, and be prepared to get chilly quite quickly if the temperature does suddenly drop. 

Wait times at Disney World in December

The parks can get very busy around the festive period, as you might expect. Early in the month, the crowds will typically be thinner, which means wait times for the rides and attractions will be good. Early December is a great time to go if you are hoping to get on as much as possible without standing in a queue for too long. However, in late December as CHristmas and New Year are in full swing, the park comes alive with its celebrations, which in turn attracts huge amounts of visitors. From mid-December onwards, you can expect the wait times to be typically fairly high. 

Best time to visit Disney World Summary

Least busy time at Disney World

The least busy months to go to Disney World are the earliest months of the year; January, February, and March. November is also a good time to go, as it sits between the busy Halloween celebrations of October, and the Christmas festivities of December.

Busiest time at Disney World

a big crowd

The busiest time at Disney World occurs in the summer months when schools are typically out for the academic year; June, July, and August. There are also busy patches in months such as April, whenever a school holiday is scheduled to occur.

Tips to beat the crowds at Disney World

Here are a few tips for beating the crowds:

  • Get there early: This way you’ll avoid the worst of the traffic and crowds. Disney World opens to the public at 9am so make sure you allow around 30 minutes to park and walk to the gate, and be aware that security checks can take time.
  • Book in advance: Use your My DIsney Experience app to arrange as much as you can for your visit in good time before your arrival, including booking your dinner reservations..
  • Visit on a weekday: Even during peak season you can enjoy some quieter times during the week.

Best time to visit Disney World weather-wise

Weather-wise, the best time to visit Disney World would be outside of the summer season, as the summer months typically combine extremely high temperatures with a higher rainfall to the rest of the year. Try and go either early in the year, in January up until May, or later in the year, in September through to December. There is also the threat of hurricanes in the late summer and autumn. These are rare, though, and even during these months there’s still plenty of sunshine.

For a more in-depth look at the weather in Florida, check out our guide here.

Best time to visit Disney World for cost

The best time to visit Disney World in terms of cost would be to ensure you go outside of peak times and school holidays, as these are typically extremely busy. Outside of peak times, often ticket prices and accommodation prices are lower to try and encourage people to visit in off-peak times. 

Best events to visit Disney World for

Best time to visit Disney World
Whatever season you decide to stay – Disney World is always only ever 15 minutes away!

If you want to attend Disney World while it is full-steam ahead for celebrations, the best events are Christmas, New Year, and Halloween. During these special occasions, you can expect unique events, immersive decorations, and it brings a whole new lease of life to what is already an absolutely buzzing theme park. 

At Christmas, expect elaborate Christmas decorations, festive parades and faux snow falls. Disney World is especially magical over Christmas and New Year. One of the best times to visit, this period packs in a whole heap of extra entertainment such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays, the rousing Candlelight Processional and an abundance of other holiday merriment including festive parties, live shows, spectacular fireworks and character meet-and-greets.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on Disney World’s calendar for special festivals, such as the Epcot Festival of the Arts beginning in January, and the Epcot International Flower and Garden festival in March.

Other busy times include Independence Day (4th of July), Columbus Day and Halloween (both in October) and Thanksgiving in November. It’s also worth bearing in mind events that are going on nearby. Is there a special sports event or convention going on? Or even something like the Mardi Gras at Universal? Even these kinds of events can make Disney World much busier.

Best time to visit for accommodation 

Prices for the local accommodation tend to lower in off-peak months, such as early and late in the year. During the summer months, you may find the prices are quite high, as so many families are keen to head to Disney World for their vacations.

If you want to avoid shelling out for expensive (and hectic) on-site hotels, a good alternative is to rent a private villa nearby. You’ll find a wide range of great-value vacation homes in popular resorts just a few miles from Disney World. Many villas come with private pools, game rooms, home theaters and themed kids bedrooms. You’ll also enjoy access to top resort amenities such as water parks, golf courses, restaurants, kids clubs and even free shuttles to the parks (from some resorts).If you’re looking for something a little smaller, check out our range of condos in Orlando instead. These compact but luxurious properties offer access to shared pools and other communal facilities.

How to book accommodation

Best time to visit Disney World Orlando
Follow our simple online booking process and you can secure your accommodation in Orlando instantly without any phone calls or fuss. Simply enter your travel dates, get a quote and book instantly online. Alternatively, submit an enquiry and we’ll get straight back to you.
When you book with us you’ll get unbeatable 24/7 customer service plus access to a wide range of travel extras such as car hire, attraction tickets or help with arranging a special occasion. However you choose to book, we offer complete payment protection and full support at every step.
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