Guide to Harambe Market at Disney World Animal Kingdom

Harambe Market entrance arch at Disney World

The open-air Harambe Market is a bustling marketplace alive with the flavors of African street foods. 

Located in the Harambe Village in Animal Kingdom, Harambe Market is built around a Colonial themed train depot. Four themed shops offer fresh meals, snacks and beverages. As you walk through, you will feel as if you’ve been transported to an African street market. The incredible themed decor, bustling sounds of cooking, and rich smells of spices and meat, all combine to make a visit toHarambe Market a truly unique (and delicious!) experience. 

There are shaded tables available for dining which are the perfect place to settle after selecting your delicious meal from your chosen restaurant. Once you have eaten, why not explore the other shops on offer at Harambe marketplace where you can buy wares that have come from Africa? Once you have enjoyed your meal and finished your shopping it’s time to return to the wild. The marketplace offers direct access to Kilimanjaro Safaris, the Wildlife Express train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and a path to Asia attractions like Expedition Everest, so it’s easy to get on with your day.

What restaurants does Harambe Market offer?

There are four distinct restaurants offering delectable African dishes and mouth-watering flavours. Each colorful storefront was designed to reflect the restaurant owner’s personality, with plenty of options that are certain to satisfy everyone in the family.

Kitamu Grill is the place to go if you’re looking for flavors that will really fire up your taste buds. You can try the famous skewered chicken or the kebab flatbread sandwich..Whereas atFamous Sausages, the famous sausage in question is a corndog made with South African boerewors sausage, which is then dipped in a curry-infused corn batter. At Chef Mwanga, we recommend trying out the spice-rubbed Karubi Rib paired with green papaya-carrot slaw.

You can buy your drinks at Wanjohi Refreshments. Wanjohi, which means “brewer” in Swahili, quenches thirsts with craft draft beers like Safari Amber Lager as well as six South African wines by the glass. Try the Starr of Harambe frozen drink, made with Starr African rum and mango puree in a souvenir mug, or the red Sangria with Van der Hum tangerine liqueur. There are also non alcoholic beverages available, such as tangerine lemonade or Sparberry, which is popular in Zimbabwe.

There are plenty more dishes on offer, so make sure you explore all of the restaurants fully before picking your delicious meal. This includes plainer dishes for young children such as chicken nuggets, a plant-based meal called the Hot Link Bowl, and plenty of dishes for those with allergies.  

What was the inspiration behind Harambe Market at Disney World Orlando?

a photo showing the open air booths of harambe market in disney world

Joan Hartwig, Walt Disney Imagineering’s art director, says that the authentic Harambe Market concept was developed during travel and research in Africa.

“When guests come to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we want them to be excited by the adventure of experiencing different cultures,” stated Hartwig. “For Harambe Market, we had the opportunity to travel in east Africa and bring back details that our guests will be able to experience here. So when guests finish their safari, they can come to a real east African marketplace and sit down and enjoy the authentic flavors of Africa.”

So, if you are heading to Disney World and passing by the Harambe Market, be sure to head in for an authentic slice of true African-inspired cuisine.

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