What to expect on arrival at your vacation rental?

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Whether you’ve booked a property by the beach, at a resort, or in many other locations with us at Top Villas, a frequently asked question is ‘what to expect on arrival to the home?’

We’ve put together a series of answers to resolve the top FAQs:

Where do I get my check-in details?

A few weeks prior to arrival, your villa information pack will be sent out via email in PDF form. This will include all your check-in details such as the door code, directions to the villa, the villa address, management company details and check-in/out times.

What supplies will there be?

Upon arrival, there will be a small bundle of supplies provided for you including toilet roll, dishwasher tablets and hand soap etc. Once this has been used up, you’ll need to replenish and restock. For an Orlando villa, nearby is a Publix store and other supermarkets that’ll stock everything you could possibly need.

Where can I order food to be in the villa when we arrive?

We can arrange welcome packs to be prepared and delivered before arrival, which range in a variety of groceries. These packs differ in price depending on what they contain and can be altered if requested.

Can I create my own grocery list?

Yes, here at Top Villas we have a program for Orlando homes set up with the Orlando Express Grocery, whereby you can create your own grocery list. To put together a grocery pack, simply follow this link which will take you through to the online shop, select what you need, and proceed to check out. At Orlando Express, you’ll need to update the information with the villa address and door code, a few weeks before check-in.

For Barbados rentals, a member of the concierge team will meet the guests at the villa and take them around. If you would like a cook, they will be available 6 days a week from 8 am-4 pm and specialise in local cuisine only – the prices alter depending on the management company. If you’d prefer to order a grocery pack, similar to the Orlando homes, our concierge team can arrange a set list to be delivered ( this can be altered depending on your requirements).

Does the home come with towels and linens?

Each villa will come provided with linens, bath/shower, and hand towels for all guests. We recommend taking your own pool towels as they will not be accommodated in the villa.

What to do if I’m not happy with something at the villa?

During your stay if you aren’t happy with anything in the villa, the best thing to do is call the management company. Their details are found in your villa information pack and they are located onsite, therefore close by to resolve any issues you may have.

Have I got pool heating?

We recommend to check your cost breakdown or contract as it will be there, if it’s not included request for it to be added. There is an additional fee for pool heating which can be paid over the phone. If you have paid and arrived at the villa where the pool isn’t heated, phone the management company; they’ll come over to fix it for you.

How does the door code work?

The doors can vary on what type of locks are given; all will be electronic. You’ll be given your door code in the villa information pack and to use it simply type it in, and the door should then open. Locking the door can differ too, if you have any trouble please get in touch with the management company.

If you have any other queries about your villa arrival, please get in touch with our Concierge team who will be able to assist you with any extras you require. Whether you’re venturing out to Orlando, Barbados, Jamaica or any other stunning destination, we hope you have a splendid stay with us at Top Villas. All numbers and contact information can be found on our website.

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