Why are there no mosquitoes at Disney World?

Mosquitoes at Disney World

As Florida has an abundance of swamps, it is home to more insects than any other state in America. With that in mind, it may be surprising to discover that you will find absolutely no mosquitoes at Disney World!

These pesky bugs aren’t just annoying, but they can also carry diseases. As Disney has a responsibility to protect its guests, they have employed a high-tech program to prevent mosquitoes from entering the park at all costs.

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How does Disney World control mosquitoes?

The Mosquito Surveillance Program was introduced to prevent the mosquitoes from entering Disney World. To inspect the insect population in the park, carbon dioxide traps were set up everywhere. As these handy traps catch mosquitoes, the team at Disney were able to collect and analyze them — and figure out how to eradicate them! So, what methods have been employed to ensure that no mosquitoes are at Disney World?

Flowing water prevents mosquitoes

Working with retired engineer Joe Potter, Walt Disney realized the best way to reduce mosquitoes at Disney World was not to kill them, but to prevent them from entering altogether. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, which is why Florida’s swampland is their perfect habitat. With that in mind, the park was designed to create an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes to nest.

Although you may not have noticed, the water around Disney is constantly moving. Whether it’s a splashing ride or the churning of a fountain, there is no standing water in the park. Even the buildings have been designed to prevent rainwater from collecting! No standing water, means nowhere for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, and therefore, it helps to keep the mosquito population close to the Disney parks down to a minimum.

Disney World also use fish to keep the mosquitoes at bay

Walt Disney was not one to take chances. Despite the fact that the park ensures that no standing water is present the founder even stocked the park’s waterways with fish that love to eat mosquito larvae, such as minnows, goldfish, and mosquito fish! So if any mosquito ever was brave enough to attempt to lay eggs in the parks restless water ways, the fish would consume them before they have the chance to hatch and irritate the park’s guests.

Landscaping helps to keep mosquitoes out of Disney World

lit up ferris wheel at disney world in the dark

Disney World has over 40 square miles of plant displays. But these floral statements aren’t just aesthetically pleasing — every plant in the park has leaves that won’t collect water. When it rains, the droplets simply roll off and move towards the nearest body of water, which, as discussed above, is not standing water and instead provides an inhospitable environment for the mosquito larvae.

How does the architecture prevent mosquitoes?

Similarly to the way in which landscaping is used to effectively prevent mosquitoes, and more impressively, the buildings also prevent them as well. Next time you are at Disney World, have a look at the architecture. Do you see anywhere that water could collect? Everything in Disney was designed to be curved, sloping, or otherwise designed in a way where water cannot gather, and therefore not provide an environment in which a mosquito may attempt to lay eggs. Instead, water will simply roll straight off. The design of Disney World is not only for aesthetic purposes (though some of it is of course absolutely breath-taking), but it is also designed with a very good purpose in mind to protect the guests of the parks.

Garlic spray is used throughout the Disney parks

As Walt Disney didn’t want any chemical pesticides used in the parks, a natural repellent had to be sourced. Mosquitoes notoriously hate the smell of garlic, so a liquid garlic extract is sprayed around the park every day. Luckily, this is only sprayed in small amounts, it is undetectable to humans! Instead, thanks to the park’s Smellitizers, you will only smell fragrances that are pumped into the air to enhance your magical experience.

Sentinel chickens… seriously!

You might not believe it, but the park’s unique surveillance program also involves chickens. There are a number of chicken coops all over Disney World, and flocks are checked weekly for the presence of antibodies to mosquito-borne diseases. If the team detect something, they know which area of the park needs to be targeted for mosquitoes! 

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