The new Downtown restaurant at Disneyland Paris!


When staying in one of our Orlando villas near Disney it would be rude not to head to the parks for a memorable meal out. So read on, and be our guest! We head to Disneyland Paris to take a look at the epic new all-you-can-eat at the Downtown restaurant in the new Hotel New York – the Art of Marvel.

The swanky new Art Deco-style restaurant emulates the New York skyline familar to Spider-Man. Diving from cuisine stations, diners can savor a global, New York dining experience. Decked out in Marvel sketches, the decor offers an immersive experience for comic book fans. From Asian and American to Mediterranean, the freshly-prepared dishes promise epic variety. With prices for adults set at EU 40 and kids EU 30, the menu promises a cosmopolitan, culinary journey.

Disneyland Paris has said Bonjour to it's new Downtown restaurant - the Art of Marvel.
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For Starters…

After a busy day of fun in Disneyland Paris, try the American smoked salmon bagels and a selection of steaming Asian Dim Sum, with hot chili sauce. Don’t be overly enthusiastic when dipping into the hot sauce, woo!

There are also some gluten-free options, including creamy, tomato-based Clam Chowder and a tasty Italian Mozzarella salad.

The Main event at Disneyland Paris

By the time the mains were up, our all-you-can-eat taste buds were in full flow. Dishes included the American BBQ chicken wings with corn on the cob, an Italian Sea Bream with aubergine Parmigiana and an appetizing Asian dish of Sweet and Sour pork with steamed rice.

Ash meanwhile was mega-impressed by his two mains — an Asian Hoisin Duck in a vegetable stir fry and a tender Beef brisket with smoked peppers and roast potatoes. His tastebuds were alive and kicking, and he enjoyed every bite.

The cuisine at Disneyland Paris was going down surprisingly well. And it wasn’t even sweet tooth time!

Marvel-themed Desserts at Disneyland Paris

The Asian selection included a mango and passionfruit tart, coconut cup, egg tart and lychee flavored Avengers-themed macaroon. Equally tempting, the American assortment featured a carrot cake, New York cheesecake, a chocolate Babka and a Baby Groot-themed chocolate mousse. Not to be out done, the Italian assortment offered a slice of Captain Marvel-themed meringue cream crunch, a lemon tart, chocolate Cannoli and a decadent Captain America-themed Panna Cotta.

From the assorted Asian selection, the mango and passionfruit dessert is one of the best, whilst the awesome New York cheesecake and Baby Groot chocolate mousse from the American assortment are also great. The Italian lemon tart was also refreshingly zesty. It was unclear whether Ash had any room left to sample the chocolate Cannoli and Asian Egg tart, but he was ready to give it a go!

The colorful range of gluten-free dessert options available on the menu was impressive. In particular, the Avengers-themed lychee macaroon from Asia, the Italian Captain America Panna Cotta and Captain Marvel meringue cream crunch were all super tasty.

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