Signature Caribbean Dishes

Explore the best of the Caribbean with these signature dishes the islands are known for.

Here’s some of our top picks of dishes and where to find them:

Turks & Caicos

Conch Fritters


Conch fritters are a comforting and sumptuous meal involving breaded and fried conch dipped in a spicy sauce. Seasoned with onion, garlic, salt and cayenne pepper, the batter has a sensation of flavors.

Where to eat them: Hemingway’s restaurant offers this authentic Caribbean delicacy among an array of other appetizing food.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jerk Chicken


A mouth watering, distinctive meal, Jerk chicken is a famous Caribbean dish. Originating from the Maroons, freed African slaves who ate wild pig they carried on the move, went onto developing Jerk as a way of preserving the meat.Traditionally, Jerk was a Jamaican street food and pork was used, however over time Jerk chicken has now become more of a signature dish.

Where to eat it: Scotchies presents numerous restaurants around Jamaica with an unusual and rustic outdoor setting, showcasing this prominent dish. 

The Bahamas


Shelled prawns on a wooden board with seasoning and lime wedges

With a country boasting several islands, seafood is a popular choice in the Bahamas. Caught fresh, there’s a variety of options including the excellent lobster and crab. Exhibiting the local produce, there’s no easier way of getting that fresh and authentic Bahama’s taste.

Where to eat it: Flying Fish offers a wide selection consisting of the best shellfish from the island.


Flying Fish

A sea themed meal known as ‘Flying fish’ is prominent in the area. It consists of either fried or steamed fish with a mustard and onion sauce. However, there are a selection of methods to serve the Flying fish with.

Where to eat it:

  • Cariba Restaurant and Bar offers their Flying fish with vegetable noodles and sour plums, an alternative to the classic recipe.
  • Zaccios Restaurant offers a simple fried fish sandwich presented in a salt bun which is popular throughout Barbados, known as a flying fish cutter.

Fried flying fish with salad on a checked tablecloth


  1. Those conch fritters look like something that my husband would enjoy. He has always gravitated to the more spicy and deep fried foods. We are planning a trip to the Caribbean, and want to know which types of foods we need to try while there. I’ll have to show this list to him, and see what he think

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