Where to find the 25 best desserts in Los Angeles

A wall of donuts in a dessert shop

Got a sweet tooth? Then this list of the best desserts in Los Angeles will steer you in the right direction, with our top picks for irresistible treats of all kinds. Savor the ultimate sweet treats whilst staying in our LA vacation homes, with a trip to these #1 dessert destinations.

Icecream desserts in Los Angeles

Hawaiian Shave Ice from Diddy Reise 

We’re kicking off our list with one of the most refreshing desserts that you’ll ever try, perfect for long steamy summers in the City of Angels. Diddy Reise on Broxton Avenue offers some of the finest shaved ice this side of Hawaii, with their fruity and fresh flavors including lemon-lime, blue raspberry, and tamarindo.

Sticky Rice and Mango ice cream from Wanderlust Creamery

Take your tastebuds on a round-the-world trip at Wanderlust Creamery, a popular ice cream joint with locations across Los Angeles. Inspired by the founders’ love for travel, you can try some deliciously creative flavors influenced by worldwide cuisine. We’ve picked out the sticky rice and mango for being Wanderlust Creamery’s flagship flavor. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything from their irresistible, selection including Ube Malted Crunch, Japanese Neapolitan, Earl Grey, and Hokey Pokey.

Ice cream topped with cotton candy from CottonHi

This Insta-friendly dessert is what cotton candy dreams are made of. Not content with serving up one sugary treat, the dessert wizards at CottonHi have created ice cream wrapped in fluffy cotton candy. The result is almost too pretty to eat. You can choose from diverse flavors of ice cream and cotton candy to create your own personalized frozen treat. CottonHi is located in Koreatown, which is unsurprising when you see their creations, which are reminiscent of the social media-famous desserts that you might find in Seoul or Tokyo. 

Cookie Monster Milky Bun from Afters Ice Cream

As blue as its namesake character, Cookie Monster from Afters Ice Cream is a vanilla-based concoction muddled with a multitude of cookies. If that sounds delightful, it is, but even that is not enough for Afters, who took their ice cream and put it inside of a milky bun. If you’re unfamiliar with milky buns, they are warm glazed donuts that are the perfect bread in this dessert sandwich. It was the milky buns that first put Afters Ice Cream on the map when they opened back in 2014, and several years later, and with shops across all of southern California, it’s safe to say that their ingenuity paid off. They have become one of the most popular places for delicious desserts in Los Angeles.

Green Tea Tranquility Soft Serve from Yoga-urt

There is no need for vegans to miss out on the ice cream fun, as at Yoga-urt, everything on the menu is suitable for plant-based diets. Their soft serve is fantastic, smooth, and dreamy, and with a rotating schedule of 6 flavors at a time, you can choose from a different menu every time you visit. As the flavors do rotate frequently, you never know what you might find on offer, but as clean, refreshing, and nourishing tastes are a signature of Yoga-urt, the Green Tea Tranquility is worth a punt if you see it. The LA branch is based in beautiful Echo Park.

An ice cream sandwich with rainbow sprinkles

Desserts in Los Angeles for chocolate lovers

Old Hollywood Smoked Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar from Compartes Chocolates

There are chocolate bars, and then there are Compartes chocolate bars. These artisanal treats come in a huge range of uniquely delicious and unexpected flavors, including matcha green tea, churro, and rainbow cereal. Our pick is the Old Hollywood Smoked Sea Salt, which is one of Comparte’s best sellers, offering a decadent twist on a classic flavor combo. You can find their store on La Brea Avenue.

Mayan Traditional Bar at Chocovivo

Chocovivo is a confectionery company with a strong social consciousness. They ensure that they create chocolate that does good both for those eating it and those who produce it, with a focus on all-organic ingredients, education and sustainable harvesting practices. To top it all off they use traditional Aztec and Mayan methods to take the cocoa from bean to bar. Try their Mayan Traditional bar for an authentic taste of Ma time gone by.

Mixed Selection Box from andSons

We’re cheating a little bit with this one because we couldn’t pick just one flavor out of andSons fantastic menu. Luckily, with their selection boxes, you don’t have to choose. Instead, you can enjoy bite-sized delights, with flavors including yuzu caramel, pecan pie, speculoos, coconut rum, and black tea caramel. The charming store in Beverly Hills doubles as a cafe, so you can savor their delicious chocolates with a steaming cup of tea or coffee.

Gourmet Chocolate Marshmallow Assortment from Edelweiss Chocolates

Chocolate and marshmallow are an irresistible combination, a mouthwatering tag team of soft, sweet, rich, and bitter. Edelweiss Chocolates creates truly decadent marshmallows covered in dark chocolate, with their homemade mallows being the star of the show. Their assortment boxes come with mixed flavors, including mint, rose and peanut butter, all enrobed in some of the finest dark chocolate that LA has to offer. Established in Beverly Hills in 1942, their flagship store can still be found in the area to this day.

An assorted selection of chocolates and truffles

The best L.A donuts

Panda Donut at California Donuts

Any of the brightly colored creations at California Donuts would be an excellent choice; you really can’t go wrong with any of them. We picked the Panda Donut because it’s so darn cute. The flavor is a classic. A pillowy-soft donut topped with vanilla frosting, and Oreos for eyes, ears, and markings, making a perfect little panda face. They are by far California Donut’s best-selling treat, with upwards of 450 flying off the shelves every day. This place in downtown Los Angeles is incredibly popular, so if you see it at a rare time without a line, get in there fast. It is also open 24 hours a day for those late-night donut cravings.

X-Ray Speculoos at Donut Friend

Not only are the donuts at Donut Friend utterly delicious, but they are also completely and entirely vegan. Everything on the menu is free from eggs, dairy, or any animal products, making it a must-try vegan dessert in Los Angeles. They have a great range of tasty flavors from fresh and fruity to sinfully decadent. We’ve opted for the X-Ray Speculoos. Inspired by the warm, treacly flavor of northern European cookies, this delicious donut is finished off with a sprinkle of sea salt, creating a perfectly balanced sweet and savory combo. Donut Friend has a few places around LA. You can find them in Highland Park, the downtown area, and Sunset Boulevard.

Basil Eggs Benedict from Sidecar Doughnuts

If you’ve never tried one, this might seem like a crazy idea, but hear us out; savory donuts are amazing. There’s no better place to start than with Sidecar Doughnut’s take on a breakfast favorite. Their Basil Eggs Benedict is a decadent delight infusing ham and poached egg with an aromatic basil hollandaise sauce, all encased within a donut. It sounds unconventional but tastes so, so good. If savory’s not your thing, then don’t worry, because Sidecar Doughnuts do a sweet selection of classic flavors too. This popular place is located on Manhattan Beach.

Apple Fritter at Randy’s Donuts

Randy’s claims to be the most famous donut shop in the world. When you consider their giant rooftop donut that has appeared in numerous movies, tv shows, and advertisements, it’s hard to argue. Pleasingly, the donuts at Randy’s are worthy of their fame. The flavors on offer are more classic than in many places on our list, but sometimes, that’s exactly what you want. Their apple fritter is a particular fan favorite, but in reality, any selection you make is certain to be one of the best you’ve tasted. From a single California store 70 years ago, Randy’s has exploded can’t only across America, but internationally as well. There are now stores in South Korea and Saudi Arabia. You can visit the original at Inglewood, handily close to LAX airport.

Iced donuts on a pink background

Best dessert drinks in LA

Cold drink desserts in Los Angeles

Anything at Labobatory

Looking for one of the coolest boba spots in LA? Then look no further than Labobatory. As the name implies, these guys specialize in inventive and impressive boba concoctions. They offer a fully customizable experience. You can choose your drink’s level of sweetness, caffeine, milk type and add on delicious extras. The menu has three sections to choose from. Boba first-timers usually plump for something from the Control menu. It features classic flavors such as basic milk tea with boba. There is also an Experimental menu, which is where things get really interesting. Concoctions include 50 Shades Of Earl Grey, which features activated charcoal as an ingredient. Or you could try Better Beer, a butterscotch drink reminiscent of a magical beverage from a certain wizarding franchise. You can find Labobatory in San Gabriel, northeast Los Angeles.

L.A Dirt at Pearl’s Finest Teas

The name might be a little bit off-putting, but the OG creation at Pearl’s Finest Teas is a must-try. It’s even named after Los Angeles itself, so you know it has to be good. It’s a pretty classic flavor combination, cookies and milk, but it’s the combining of it into a cold tea, with a little sprinkle of sea salt that makes it genius. Pearl’s drinks are also very pretty and Instagrammable, with see-through cups revealing teas that are every color of the rainbow. There is also a Customize Your Tea menu, where you can try your hand at creating a drink to your exact specifications. Visit their store on Fairfax Avenue to try it for yourself.

Halo Halo at Cafe 86

If there is a prettier drink in L.A than the Halo Halo at Cafe 86, we’ve yet to see it. The cafe uses ube in almost every single one of their recipes, from beverages to baked goods. It’s safe to say that the theme of this Filipino-inspired place is purple. The Halo Halo is the cafe’s signature drink, a tall cup of deliciousness featuring a muddle of milk, coconut jellies, ube ice cream, boba, flan, and jackfruit. Make sure you remember your camera because you will definitely want to snap a few pictures of this colorful treat for your social media pages.

Three boba teas

Hot drink desserts in Los Angeles

Lavender hot chocolate at Demitasse

Lavender might seem like an unusual addition to a hot chocolate, but at Demitasse, they’ve got it down to a fine art. The light floral notes perfectly accompany the decadent, dark deliciousness of their rich hot chocolate and vanilla mixture, which uses only the finest cocoa. Topping it all off is a delightfully gooey toasted marshmallow, the perfect accompaniment to this chocolate lover’s dream. Demitasse has multiple locations across LA so you’re never far away from one of the best hot chocolates you’ll ever taste.

Mexican hot chocolate at CaCaos Mexicana

If you’ve never experienced the delights of an authentic Mexican hot chocolate, let CaCao Mexicana show you what you’ve been missing. Disks of smooth, cinnamon-dusted Oaxacan chocolate are melted down into an unctuous paste, which is then mixed with hot, frothy milk and finished with a sprinkle of chili for a sensational fiery kick. This is a true taste of Mexico in the heart of Los Angeles. With a menu full of incredible tacos, burritos, and much more, you’ll be tempted to return again and again to try everything that they have to offer. Visit them on Colorado Boulevard.

Hot chocolate in a white cup

Dessert pies in LA

Earl Grey Tea Pie at The Pie Hole

A true Los Angeles institution, The Pie Hole is the place to be for crust lovers. Their menu is full of unbeatable pies, from classic flavors, both savory and sweet, to more inventive concoctions. The most famous offering at the Pie Hole is the Earl Grey Tea Pie. It’s a sophisticated creation with layers of tea-infused chocolate ganache, salted pistachios, and tea and white chocolate mousse. It is unique, revered, and totally moreish. You can buy by the slice, or order whole pies (perfect for if you’re celebrating a birthday or occasion in one of our beautiful Los Angeles villas). The Pie Hole is so popular that there are stores opening around the world. Head to Hollywood to sample their delicious delights in Los Angeles.

Sweet potato pie from Pi Bake Shop

The name isn’t the only clever thing about this place, the pies are pretty spectacular as well. The menu may look modest, but by sticking to the classics, the Pi Bake Shop ensures that they are doing them to an expert level. The sweet potato pie is an American classic; a fresh ginger crust topped with homemade sweet potato custard and finished with a light and fluffy toasted marshmallow. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, and that’s what the Pi Bake Shop does best. Other favorites on offer include apple pie and probably the best Key Lime outside of Florida. You can find the Pi Bake Shop at Studio City Farmers Market every Sunday. Alternatively, you can order a pie from their website.

A slice of pumpkin pie

The Best of the rest of the dessert in Los Angeles

Cheese Roll from Porto’s Bakery

It might not sound very dessert-like, but the sweet cheese rolls from Porto’s Bakery are so good that you can find copycat recipes online from people trying desperately to recreate the magic. Of course, nothing can beat getting the original from the source. Recipes are inspired by international species and ingredients from the family’s Galician and Cuban heritage. Porto’s prides itself on the home-cooked quality of everything that they produce. Their cheese rolls are irresistible; layers of light puff pastry filled with sweet cream cheese are dusted with icing sugar. They are undoubtedly one of the best desserts in Los Angeles. We’ve picked out the cheese rolls for their popularity, but if you get the chance, try multiple things from the menu. Everything is exceptional. You can find Porto’s in one one of their 6 locations across the LA area.

Unicorn Poop from Creme Caramella

In truth, you could pick anything from the menu of this fun Filipino-American place and have a good time. We’ve opted for the quirkiest item on the menu, one that is sure to be a hit if you’ve got the kids in tow. Their Unicorn Poop is ‘freshly harvested every morning’. Huge swirls of baked meringue topped with rainbow sprinkles are treats behind the whimsical name. They are just the thing for when you want a sugary something that isn’t too heavy. Creme Caramella has three locations for awesome desserts in Los Angeles; Hollywood, Anaheim, and Sherman Oaks.

Marie Antoinette macaron from Lauderee

Bring a little taste of Paris to your L.A adventures with a light-as-a-feather macaron (or two) from the legendary Laduree. For foodies, Laduree needs little introduction; the pastel-colored sweet boutique has been charming guests with its rainbow window displays of macarons for well over 100 years in Paris. Now it’s made its way to LA. Pick two or three flavors for a truly decadent experience, but if you can only have one, we recommend the Marie Antoinette. Two pink macaron shells sandwich a light cream infused with Laduree’s own tea blend, featuring notes of citrus and florals. It’s like spring in a mouthful and feels particularly French. Find Laduree’s LA location on Beverly Drive.

Dragon Breath from Chocolate Chair

This is one of those novelty desserts that are as much about the experience of eating it as it is about the taste. The famous Dragon Breath from Chocolate Chair is a cup full of rainbow cereal puffs, soaked in liquid nitrogen. It’s perfectly safe to eat, and once you chew it, it releases a thick fog, making the diner look like a dragon billowing smoke. Unsurprisingly, Dragon’s Breath is a hit on social media and has gained a lot of media attention, making Chocolate Chair one of the most popular dessert places in Los Angeles. Try it for yourself at Chocolate Chair’s Buena Park location.

Baklava cheesecake at Rodini Park

If you’re craving something sticky, sweet, and utterly delicious, head straight to Rodini Park. This popular restaurant specializes in delicious Greek food (their gyros are top-notch). Their bakery does one of the most decadent desserts in Los Angeles. It is a fusion of Greek and American flavors; the baklava cheesecake. Rich, creamy cheesecake, topped with crunchy, syrup-soaked baklava is a match made in heaven. You can try it by the slice, or order an entire cake for celebrations. Don’t just take our word for it, head to North Hollywood to try it for yourself.

Macarons on a blue background

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