Where can I eat gluten-free in Koh Samui?

Where can I eat gluten-free in Koh Samui?

There are many places in Koh Samui that cater for gluten-free diets.

Much of the local cuisine in Thailand is gluten-free so finding great food if you’re gluten intolerant is much easier than you may think.

Most of the grocery stores offer gluten-free products, and all of the cafes, restaurants and markets sell gluten-free foods like rice and potatoes, fruit and veg, seafood, meat, dairy, beans and nuts.

Most beverages are gluten-free including juices, sodas, wines and spirits, however beers, ales and malt beverages are not.

If you’re buying products from a local store or supermarket we recommend that you check the labels to make sure they are gluten-free. If you’re eating out you can let the staff know if you have any dietary requirements.