Are there any social taboos in Koh Samui I should know about?

Are there any social taboos I should know about?

Yes, there a few social taboos you should know about if you’re visiting Thailand.

It’s important to respect the local people by knowing about Thai customs before you embark on your travels.

A few of the most important are:

  • Touching someone’s head is highly offensive, as is raising your feet or pointing them at people or religious objects.
  • Shoes should be removed before entering homes or temples.
  • The ‘wai’ greeting is an integral part of Thai etiquette. This is performed by pressing your palms together at chest height and bowing slightly.
  • The royal family is revered throughout the country and no disparaging comments or gestures should be made about them.
  • Many Thai people are devout Buddhists, so it’s important to show respect towards temples and Buddha images of all kinds.

In general, tolerance is extended to the cultural ignorance of visitors however overtly offensive behaviour could be punishable by imprisonment so we recommend that you respect the local customs.