Will there be grocery stores near my Barbados villa?

All of our Barbados villas have grocery stores nearby.

Wherever you stay in Barbados, a grocery store is guaranteed to be close by. The biggest shopping malls and supermarkets are located on the south and west coasts, but smaller stores and food markets are located all over the island. The cost of groceries in Barbados is slightly higher than in the UK and USA, and the most expensive grocery items tend to be wine and meat.

As an indication, these are some average prices of some typical items:

1 liter of milk $6 BBD ($3 USD)
Loaf of bread $4.80 BDS ($2.40 USD)
A dozen eggs $8.20 BDS ($4.10 USD)
A 1.5-liter bottle of water $5 BDS ($2.50 USD)
A 500ml bottle of local beer – $3 BDS ($1.50 USD) $3 BDS ($1.50 USD)
A bottle of mid-range wine $35 BDS ($17.50 USD)
A 1 kg beef joint $26.50 BDS – ($13.25 USD)