Private Chef Hire – Let the Restaurant Come to You

Private chefs prepare delicious home-cooked meals when you book in a private chef hire with our luxury travel extras

Treat yourself to delicious eats on vacation when you hire a private chef for a one-off meal or for the duration of your trip.

In our exclusive interview with private chef Angelo Bersani, we get the lowdown on his 5-star personal chef service and how you can enjoy gourmet cuisine in your vacation home – without having to lift a finger!

Hi Angelo! Tell us a little bit about your background and why you became a personal chef?

Hi! I’m a licensed personal chef and butler serving Vacation Homes in the Orlando and Central Florida areas. I have around twenty five years experience in entertainment and event management with a Culinary Arts degree from the Florida Culinary Institute in Palm Beach and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Rowan University. I’ve always loved cooking and I like the freedom it allows me in my professional and personal life.

What exactly does a personal chef do?

I provide personal chef services to private clients in their vacation homes including families, couples and large groups whether it’s an intimate meal for two, a family feast, dinner party, special occasion or corporate trip. Every dinner is planned to meet the vision and budget of the client and we only use the highest quality ingredients with meticulous attention to detail.

Is this affordable? Or is it just a luxury service? 

Yes it is affordable, costs are based on client’s needs and budget. Hiring someone to cook dinner in your home might seem decadent, but it’s not as expensive as you think, especially when you include the money saved on a babysitter. There are no overheads except your own, and you can drink your own wine, avoiding the hefty markup of a restaurant!

What kind of food do you serve?

I specialise in Mediterranean, North African, American, and Latin cuisines. There are around 26 different options on the Hors D’oeuvres menu including Lamb Skewers, Caviar Drops, Florida Blue Crab Cakes and Indonesian Satays. The dinner menu is a delicious selection of appetisers, mains, sides, salads and desserts. Some of the most popular mains are Filet Mignon, Chicken Satay, Marco Polo Duck, Coq au Vin, Salmon Wellington and Venetian Scampi. Chef Angelo Brownie Bombs and Custard Cocktails are just a few of the delicious desserts.

Who needs a private chef? What are the benefits?

If you are on vacation and you have rented a vacation home from Top Villas, you need a chef. You deserve to be a guest in your own villa! Private dining is as good as eating out at a fine restaurant, but without the worry over babysitting or who is going to drive. All our dinners are full service. We deliver, set up, produce and execute the event; then clean up and restore the space.

What is the most memorable event you have catered for?

I love doing special family events such as family reunions and anniversaries. It’s always an honor and a joy to be a part of a family’s special celebration.

What is your most popular package?

Our most popular is dinner service for large families who are busy enjoying Orlando’s attractions. We make all the arrangements leaving people free to enjoy themselves without having to worry about anything else!

Do you offer any other services?

I can also arrange for butler services, cooking classes and concierge services, but my main focus is on private dining.

Chef Angelo is a member of The American Personal and Private Chef Association and The International Guild of Professional Butlers. For more information or to hire Chef Angelo during your Top Villas trip contact our concierge team. Sample menus are available upon request.


  1. Char Amalfitano says:

    We are interested in a family dinner during our Disney World stay at the Disney Rivieria Resort. We have a 3 bedroom villa with a kitchen. Would you be available Friday, October 1, 2021?
    Thank you,

    1. Ashley Greenwood says:

      Hi Char, thanks for your comment. If you get in touch with your Guest Experience specialist they will be happy to help you arrange this.

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