What should I pack for a summer holiday?

Get ready to know what to pack this summer!

So the sun is out and the heat is on. What should you pack for a summer holiday?

When travelling to a hot travel destination, it’s important to pack lightly. Yes there may well be camels where you’re heading. But handling your luggage in the heat and humidity when it doesn’t weigh a ton is always a bonus, both for you and the camel! With our handy checklist, we’ll help to take out the guess work of knowing what to pack for a summer holiday, so you can breeze into your well-earned vacation.

Clothing & accessories to pack for a summer holiday

  • First and foremost, pack as much for the heat as for the activities you’ll be hoping to enjoy
  • A summer hat
  • Sunglasses and case
  • Disposable facemasks/ washable facemasks with new filters
  • A light pashmina or scarf (equally useful for sandstorms and air-conditioned airports!)
  • A set of warmer layers and clothing for travelling and cool evenings
  • Linen tops/shirts
  • Cotton/chino shorts
  • Cotton t-shirts/tops
  • Light skirts and cotton/linen dresses
  • Lightweight jeans
  • Sandals and beach flip flops
  • Light trainers/walking shoes for sightseeing and walking
  • Smart shoes for evening meals
  • Socks and cotton underwear
  • A day bag/backpack
  • A smart bag for evenings
  • Jewellery and watch (do insure these items if they’re high value)
  • Handy reusable water bottle
  • Battery-operated travel fan/ handheld fan
  • Selection of bikinis/ swimming shorts
  • Swimming gear (include goggles, snorkel and nose plug)
  • A pair of sea shoes for rocky areas/ sea urchins
  • Kaftan/ loose linen shirt (ideal for the beach or poolside)
  • Arm bands/ floatation device for any children travelling
  • A lightweight beach bag and quick-drying beach towel
  • Plastic bag to store dirty clothes
  • Umbrella
  • A light anorak
  • Check local customs for any extra layers/ full length trousers you may need to wear in religious buildings or public areas
  • Ear plugs and eye mask
  • Pair of flight socks
  • Travel pillow
  • Travel games
  • Holiday book(s)

Toiletries to pack for a summer holiday

  • Travel shampoo, conditioner and hair products
  • Hair brush, grips and bands
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and travel mouth wash
  • Deodorant
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cleansing wipes/ makeup remover
  • Tweezers, nail file and nail clippers
  • Nailpolish remover wipes and nailpolish
  • Soap/ travel shower gel
  • Shaving supplies
  • A high SPF face and body Sun cream (make it waterpoof if you intend to swim)
  • SPF lip balm
  • After Sun
  • Moisturiser
  • Contact lenses & solution
  • Prescription glasses
  • Feminine hygiene
  • Hair dryer/ straighteners/ curlers 
  • Perfume/ cologne
  • Tissues/ travel wet wipes

Remember to pack any sharp objects or liquids over 100ml in your hold luggage. If you’re travelling with hand luggage only, refrain from packing liquids and buy your essential toiletries once you’ve passed through airport security.

Health care items to pack for a summer holiday

  • Any prescription medication you take (check beforehand that it is not an illegal substance in the country you’re travelling to)
  • Painkillers/ anti-inflammatory gel
  • Rehydration sachets
  • Diarrhoea tablets (helps avoid any awkard moments/language barrier issues in a foreign pharmacy!)
  • An effective mosquito and bug deterrent
  • Antihistamine cream (vital for any bites or stings)
  • Plasters/ first aid kit
  • Blister plasters (all that walking in the heat may play havoc on your feet!)
  • Birth control/ contraception
  • Sanitary products
  • Cystitis medication (one for the ladies) 
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Travel sickness tablets/ bands (if you suffer on boats, planes or on the road)

Miscellaneous items to pack for a summer holiday

  • Your passport and travel visas 
  • Driving Licence (if you’re renting a car)
  • Credit cards/ travellers cheques/ preloaded travel card
  • Foreign currency
  • Maps & directions (or a compatible Sat Nav if you’re driving)
  • Booking confirmations and print outs of your accommodation, sightseeing tours, travel itinerary, etc
  • Any relevant membership cards
  • A guidebook (which includes local language/phrases, information and customs)
  • A downloaded offline translation app (turn off data roaming and mobile data settings)
  • Keys for any suitcase locks
  • A travel sewing kit
  • Travel jewellery case
  • Hand wash laundry liquid/tablets
  • A travel iron/ handheld steamer
  • Mobile phone charger and USB cables
  • Adapter plugs
  • Camera, charger and memory card
  • Laptop/ tablet and charger
  • Travel alarm clock
  • Music player/ docking station and cable
  • A pair of travel binoculars
  • Address book (in case of an emergency or if you’d like to send postcards home)

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