A guide to Universal Epic Universe

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Last year, Universal Studios got the whole world talking when they made an exciting announcement about their Orlando theme parks.

After years of rumors regarding the expansion of Universal Studios, big plans are now in place for a brand-new development within the parks – the Universal Epic Universe.

Due to open in 2025, this ongoing project is currently being kept top secret. However, there are certain details that have already been leaked, giving excited fans a small glimpse of what to expect. Here is our guide to everything we know about Epic Universe.

What we know about Universal Epic Universe

Set to be Universal Studios’ most expensive project to date, Epic Universe will also be the most innovative. Spread across 750 acres of land, this exciting development will almost double the size of the Universal theme parks in Orlando.

Universal Epic Universe opening date

Originally, the Universal Epic Universe was due to open in 2023. However, due to some unfortunate delays, the park is now earmarked to open to the public in the summer of 2025. No exact date has yet been given, but we will know more and more, the closer we get to 2025.

The location

Touted as Universal’s fourth theme park, Epic Universe will be located just a couple of miles south of the Universal Studios site. There will be free shuttle transport between every park, making each area easily accessible for visitors.

In addition to the much-anticipated theme park, the new site will also feature a hotel, rides, an entertainment center, restaurants and shops. By making the park more like a resort, Universal will become an all-out vacation destination, rather than just a day trip – exciting news for fans of Universal Studios!

The concept of Universal Epic Universe

Epic Universe will have four fully immersive lands, connected by a central hub containing attractions of its own. Forming an enormous corridor, the hub is expected to feature a number of rides, restaurants, and retailers.

Within the hub, each different land will have its own ‘portal’, leading to an ‘alternate universe’. The four lands will be isolated from each other, so visitors will have to return to the hub, before diving into the next universe.

Each area has been designed to take you on a unique journey, fully-immersing visitors into each world. With an enormous focus on detail, in both the architecture and design of each land, Epic Universe promises to be a pretty unforgettable experience, and will change the landscape of Orlando’s incredible theme parks for good. Those who love to visit the parks will need to make sure they put aside plenty of time for Epic Universe too, as well as all the old favorites.

Epic Universe is the new theme park at Universal Studios Orlando
Concept art for Epic Universe

Universal Epic Universe Lands

As soon as the early stages of the development began, Universal Studios released the concept art for Epic Universe. Although certain facts are yet to be confirmed, there are plenty of hints and rumors about what themes will feature.

With three years to go until the launch, work has already started on the site. However, there are no plans for any secrets to be revealed just yet. As theme park fans eagerly await news, there is one thing that is already clear – Epic Universe will be an adventure like no other!

Super Nintendo World Orlando

The only area to be officially confirmed in the plans, Super Nintendo World Orlando will be the first land that guests will encounter.

In 2015, Universal formed a partnership with video game giant Nintendo. Soon after, work began on the first-ever Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Osaka, set to open next year.

Following in Japan’s footsteps, the new Super Nintendo World will feature the long-awaited Mario Kart ride, a Mushroom Kingdom and a Donkey Kong subsection – which will be exclusive to Universal Orlando.

Like its predecessor in Osaka, the Super Nintendo World Orlando is also expected to have Power-Up Bands. Reminiscent of a real-life computer game, these Mario-themed wristbands will allow guests to interact with props throughout the park, collecting digital coins along the way.

Universal Classic Monsters

This spooky area will be a homage to the iconic characters from some of Universal’s most famous films.

From the 1920s until the 1950s, horror films dominated Universal Pictures’ output. The studio was instrumental in shaping horror cinema into what it is today.

Although no rides have been confirmed yet, we can expect appearances from historic characters including Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Now nearly a century old, it seems the Universal Monsters will be returning to the park with a vengeance!

The Classic Monster Cafe at Universal Studios, Orlando
Universal Studios’ Classic Monster Cafe

How To Train Your Dragon Universal Orlando

The most kid-friendly zone of the new theme park, the third area will be based on the popular DreamWorks film, How To Train Your Dragon.

A fantasy world of dragons and adventure, this area will be set on the Isle of Berk, as seen in the original film. Surrounded by cliffs and rugged rocks, visitors will have to access the island via a cave-like entrance.

Designed in the style of a Viking village, this family-orientated area will feature a number of low-intensity rides, an interactive theater and an outdoor play area. Keep your eyes peeled for Toothless!

Fantastic Beasts Universal Orlando

After the enormous success of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, the final land in the Epic Universe will reflect the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

The concept art shows a Parisian-inspired area, designed to look like the Place de Furstenberg in Paris. As fans of the film will know, this is home to the secret entrance of the French Ministry of Magic.

This mystical world will also feature the most extensive indoor area of the entire park. Visitors will be able to enter the Ministry and become fully immersed in the magic – just watch out for beasts!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal

Planning a trip to Orlando for the opening of Epic Universe?

For Orlando, the next few years are going to be huge. Disney World is currently throwing some massive, memorable celebrations for its 50th anniversary, starting back in October 2021. And in 2025, Universal will be unveiling its brand new theme park, with four new, incredible and immersive lands for you to explore. There’s never been a more exciting time to visit!

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Frequently asked questions about Universal Epic Universe

What is Epic Universe?

Epic Universe is a brand new park coming to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It will consist of several brand new lands, each with their own unique theme, and amazing rides and attractions.

What lands will be in Epic Universe?

There will be four new lands coming to Universal’s Epic Universe; How to Train your Dragon Land, Fantastic Beasts Land, Classic Monsters Land, and Super Nintendo World.

When does Epic Universe Open?

Epic Universe is due to open in the summer of 2025, due to delays pushing back the original opening date from 2023.

Where is Epic Universe being built?

Epic Universe is being built a couple of miles South of the current Universal park. Transport will be available between the two, so you will be able to make sure you see and visit everything you want to.