The cheapest time to go to Orlando

It’s the theme park capital of the world and you’re guaranteed fun at any time of year, but when is the cheapest time to go to Orlando? While it’s notoriously expensive (and hectic) to visit during school vacations, you’ll make great savings if you buck the trend and go off-peak. 

Whether you’re visiting theme parks, golf courses, shopping malls, or nightlife, a trip to Orlando can be expensive. Add in the cost of flights, car hire, food, and accommodation and it can quickly become a wallet-draining experience. The good news is that with a little forward planning you can enjoy a surprisingly affordable vacation.

Arranging your accommodation first and foremost will bode well for keeping your expenses from spiralling out of control. Our vast collection of Orlando vacation rentals promise welcome flexibility and convenience, as well as affordability when broken down to a nightly per person rate. Dine in and you’ll save money on expensive meals out, ensuring you have more budget for enjoying Orlando’s best-loved theme parks and attractions. Pick from scenic resort condo rentals to functional townhomes with plunge pools and stylish family villas with private pools, to lavish resort mansions with 5-star amenities for large multigenerational groups. Whatever you’re searching for, we offer beautiful Orlando vacation homes to suit every budget and time of year.

Ready to get planning? Read on to find out more about the cheapest time to go to Orlando.

When is the cheapest time to go to Orlando?

Generally speaking, the cheapest time to go to Orlando is during school term time and outside of federal holidays. If you’re looking to avoid the hiked-up prices then be careful not to visit during peak season periods. These include Spring Break, Easter, the Summer Holidays, Christmas, and New Year.

It’s also guaranteed to be busy (and pricier) during the UK half terms – one in February and one in October – and at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and during one-off special events. Here are some of the cheapest times to visit.

The cheapest time to visit Orlando

January to mid-February

January and parts of early February are some of the cheapest times to visit Orlando because many families have just gone home after the holiday season. You’re likely to find cheaper flights and accommodation during this quieter time of year. Additionally, as it’s low season, Orlando’s myriad attractions are easier to navigate with lower ticket prices and less tourist hubbub.

The quiet spell usually runs through early February up until the UK half-term. When booking during the post-holiday time also be careful to avoid the Disney Marathon Weekend at the beginning of January, Martin Luther King Weekend in mid-January, and Universal’s Mardi Gras Festival in mid-February – all of these fun events bring with them crowds and high prices.

September through November

Also less expensive than Orlando’s peak season is much of September, October, and November, excluding Columbus Day, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Schools tend to start back in the first week of September so you won’t be contending with the Summer Holiday crowds. And as it’s low season, it’s one of the more affordable times to go to Orlando.

Events like the Epcot Food and Wine Festival at Disney World (late August through early November) can bring in the foodie crowds, but the absence of school holidays at this time deters many families from visiting. If you’re going at this time be careful to time your trip outside of Fall Break and the UK’s half-term holiday, too.

Early December

As we’ve mentioned, Christmas and New Year are some of the busiest and most expensive times to visit Orlando. But those wishing to experience the holiday decorations and festivities without the peak price tags should consider visiting in the lull between Thanksgiving and mid-December.

How about the cheapest time to go to Disney World?

Figuring out exactly when the cheapest time to go to Disney World is can be tricky as ticket prices can vary from one day to the next (plus they tend to go up every year). As a general rule, you’ll find higher prices during peak periods and lower prices during quiet seasons. If you can be flexible and visit when the parks are less crowded your vacation will work out cheaper.

How much are tickets?

You can get tickets directly through Disney’s website although this price is often beaten by specialist ticket agents including the Top Villas Travel Planners team.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy a 1-day ticket from Disney’s UK site. These can only be obtained from their US site which can’t be accessed from the UK. So if you want to visit a Disney park for one day you may have to buy your ticket at the gate (it’s the same price as booking through the US site but you’ll probably have to queue).

Ultimate tickets allow you to visit on any day and go to more than one park in a single day, plus they include access to the water parks. You also get a free Memory Maker with each ticket; this gives you access to all photos taken by Disney photographers while you’re at the park (these will be saved for you to download and print later).

When is the cheapest time to go to Orllando?

Hopefully, you’ll be able to purchase multi-day tickets as 1-day tickets typically offer the worst bang for your buck. These ‘no frills’ tickets are subject to price tiers so you may have to pay a different price depending on the day of the year and whether it falls in the ‘value’, ‘regular’, or ‘peak’ price tier. Value applies to off-season periods, Peak applies to (you guessed it) peak periods and Regular applies to other times. There are quite a few block-out dates in between, too, when prices revert to Peak.

When buying 1-day tickets, midweek rates are often less expensive than weekend rates so visiting on weekdays will not only save you money, but you will also encounter fewer crowds.

Cheapest time to fly to Orlando

The cheapest time to fly to Orlando is during the low season. There are easy ways to find great-value flights using flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner and if you’re willing to be flexible with which days of the week you can travel on you’re likely to get an even better deal.

Sometimes, buying return flights with one airline can be more expensive than purchasing two one-way tickets from different airlines so that’s worth checking out too. Also, most airlines operate a ‘free flight’ policy for infants under the age of 2 – it usually covers 1 infant flight per paying adult.

If you visit a few of your favorite airlines and sign up for their newsletters you’ll get updates about new travel routes, introductory discounts, and flash sales on last-minute flights before anyone else.

Will the weather still be good?

It’s not just the expense you’ll want to plan for; it’s the weather, too. Yes, Orlando is famous for its year-round sun but there is a distinction between the hotter and cooler months, plus there’s a hurricane season to think about, too.

The cheapest time to go to Disney World

The summer months are generally considered the hottest and the wettest. The heat and humidity can soar during the summer months and rain storms are more likely during the day. There is also the threat of hurricanes through late summer and autumn. These are rare, though, and even during these months, you can still expect plenty of sunshine. The cooler months are roughly from December to April, when temperatures are more tolerable and there is a lower chance of daytime rain.

The best time to visit Orlando both cost and weather-wise depends on what kind of vacation you’re expecting. January is not only one of the cheapest times to go to Orlando, but it’s also the coolest month of the year and it’s one of the driest, so your trip won’t be spoiled by stifling heat and heavy rain.

If you like it hot and you’re planning to incorporate some swimming and sunbathing into your trip, then visit in late August or early September. Not only will it be cheaper and quieter at the parks, you’ll also have a good chance of hot, sunny weather. If you prefer it warm but not unbearably so, then visit during November, early December or during off-peak spring days when you can wander around the parks without feeling too hot and sweaty. You’ll benefit from amazing weather and a cheaper vacation!

For a more in-depth look at the weather, check out our guide to the best time to visit Florida.

Can I get cheap accommodation in Orlando?

If you’re looking for the cheapest time to go to Orlando, you’re probably looking at the best value accommodation too. Much like the weather and the number of tourists, accommodation prices in Orlando vary throughout the year. The general rule is that costs go up when the holiday season comes into effect and they down when kids are back in school.

Staying in one of the Disney World hotels definitely isn’t a money-saving idea. So if you’re looking to stay in Orlando as cheaply as possible you’ll be better off opting for a self-catering villa in the many resorts in and around Orlando. The best ones are located just a few miles from Disney World so you’ll save cash on traveling costs, plus you’ll benefit from fantastic amenities like private pools, game rooms, and themed kids’ bedrooms.

Reunion Resort is one of the best-known communities and has 3 championship golf courses, a water park, tennis courts, a spa, and plenty of on-site restaurants. Another top choice is Encore Resort at Reunion, which has a water park and lots of other family-friendly amenities. If you book to stay at Encore Resort you’ll also benefit from free shuttles to Disney World and Orlando’s other great theme parks.

Vacation homes at Encore Resort come with access to a brand-new waterpark

If you’re thinking of booking an Orlando vacation and you need advice on the best places to stay then contact Top Villas today. Additionally, our dedicated Travel Planners can arrange any added extras you need such as great value car hire and attraction tickets.

Want to stay in one of our incredibly luxurious vacation homes on your trip to Orlando? Our hand-selected properties offer top-of-the-range amenities, with entertainment facilities including home move theaters, private pools, games rooms, and even, in some, full spas. Whether traveling in an adult group or you have little ones in tow, you’re certain to find the perfect property where you will be able to build countless memories and enjoy unlimited laughter.