Best themed kids rooms in Orlando for Halloween

Kids in Halloween costumes

Heading to Orlando for Halloween? Top Villas offers an awesome range of vacation homes with the best themed kids rooms.

Space themed rooms in Orlando

Have your kids ever dreamed of the moon landing, visiting a new galaxy or sleeping amongst the starry night sky? If so, our planetary themed space rooms offer an exciting Space Odyssey for any budding astronaut.

At Reunion Resort 29 your kids will enjoy an awesome space adventure.

Reunion Resort 29 space themed kids room

Enjoy a cosmic stay in Reunion Resort 29!


If your kids believe in aliens then Resort Reunion 987 puts the ‘extra’ in extraterrestrial life! Its super Space themed kids room lets you sleep under the stars. What’s more, this flexible 5 bedroom 5.5 bathroom family villa offers a plethora of themed kids rooms. The ambience really epitomises a fun Halloween vacation in Orlando.

For movie fans, an inter-galactic themed movie theater awaits enthusiastic space cadets staying at Reunion Resort 3500.

Whilst vacationing at Reunion Resort Orlando, be sure to check out the Star War’s Galaxy Edge theme park. This fantastic park is in a galaxy not too far away – 8.8 miles to be exact!

Superhero themed rooms in Orlando

Are your kids in awe of their superheroes? Top Villas offers a host of themed kids rooms showcasing the most popular comic heroes out there!

Aside from the awesome superhero themed room in Resort Reunion 987, kids who dream of being superheroes themselves can have their wish come true, with a stay in the themed kids rooms of the mega mansion Reunion Resort 2200.

The luxury 8 bedroom 8.5 bathroom mansion Reunion Resort 861 also promises the perfect accommodation for kids bringing capes and super powers in their rucksack!

Reunion Resort 987 themed kids room

 Save the world from this superhero themed room in Resort Reunion 987


The 12602 sq ft Reunion Resort 2200 boasts an interactive themed room with 4 individual themed bunk beds. So whether your kids like to don a cape, a special mask or the master plan for a secret mission, each bunk offers the perfect base!

Super hero themed kids room Reunion Resort 2200

Princess themed rooms in Orlando

For a prettier take on Halloween, our fairytale themed rooms in Orlando will please even the most particular of princesses. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to stay in their very own castle or enchanting carriage?

Castle themed kids room at Reunion Resort 1008

Reunion Resort 1008 creates an imaginary fairytale kingdom to stay in, complete with drawbridge! This 7 bedroom 7.5 bathroom luxury villa is fit for royalty, with enough palatial space to host an opulent Halloween-themed banquet and entertain your subjects, all vacation long.

For those brave princesses, the outdoor cinema screen and indoor drive-thru themed movie theater will also tempt you to catch a scary Halloween movie!

For princesses who want to indulge in their favourite wintry fairytale, the themed kids rooms in Resort Reunion 3500 and Reunion Resort 2200 will certainly deliver, frozen snowflakes and all!

For Cinderellas everywhere, Reunion Resort 861 is the ultimate choice, whilst twin princesses coming to stay will relish the regal charms of their themed room in Resort Reunion 453.

For a spell-binding showcase of Princess themed rooms in Orlando take a peek here!

Nautical themed rooms in Orlando

Is your young crew hoping to be shipwrecked on a desert island? As well as its very own fairytale castle, Reunion Resort 1008  also boasts a pirate themed kids room, making it ideal for those looking to take to the high seas.

The themed pirate room in Reunion Resort 2200 will also tempt your crew to take refuge in their very own shipwreck under the sea!

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Within the same resort, the themed pirate room in the 9 bedroom 8.5 bathroom Reunion Resort 879 promises swash-buckling adventure and is the perfect hideaway for would-be stowaways.

Pirate ship themed kids room at Reunion Resort 1008

 All aboard your very own pirate ship at Reunion Resort 1008!


Any crew lucky enough to stay in these pirate themed kids rooms will relish the opportunity to find some hidden treasure. During Halloween this may very well include a secret hoard of candy!

Not to let the kids have all the fun, the luxury 5 bedroom 5.5 bathroom villa at Reunion Resort 29 boasts a couple-friendly boat themed room, where quite literally the bed is the boat!

Enjoy the sensation of sleeping in comfort on your own desert island, knowing your kids are just a few doors down, enjoying equal amounts of escapism!

Dinosaur themed rooms in Orlando

On the quest for more exotic themed kids rooms? The dinosaur and monster themed rooms of Orlando are bound to give a terrific fright for kids, particularly those who love claws and teeth more than crowns and pirate peg legs!

The themed dino room in the 9 bedroom 6.5 bathroom Solara Resort 211 will transport born explorers and would-be palaeontologists to the Jurassic period, for an-altogether more terrifying time. Be careful those dinosaur eggs don’t hatch!

Dinosaur themed kids room at Solara Resort 211

For a dino-themed stay seek refuge in Solara Resort 211! 


Whether its one-eyed friends or furry ogres, Monster fans everywhere will enjoy sweet dreams in the themed monster room at Reunion Resort 457.

Monster themed kids room in RR 457

Got your own little monsters? ‘Check-in’ here! 


Wizard themed kids rooms in Orlando

For magical stays, say “Abracadabra” and check out our wicked Wizard themed rooms in Orlando!

New recruits to Wizarding school will relish the themed kids room in Reunion Resort 2100.

Those perfecting their craft can immerse themselves at Wizarding school, with a stay in the fantastic themed kids rooms in Reunion Resort 8500 and Reunion Resort 463.

For the ultimate spell-binding stay, the Wizard themed kids room in the 11 bedroom 11 bathroom mansion Resort Reunion 12000 is an awesome choice. Your kids can conjure up plenty of classic hocus-pocus moments here, alongside the occasional broomstick flight!

Halloween themed kids room for wizards and witches Reunion Resort 12000

Wizards and witches welcome, at Reunion Resort 12000!


For more ideas on our top themed kids rooms in Orlando, including the most beautiful themed rooms in Orlando, check out our luxury family vacation homes!

Trick or Treat ~ For the ultimate Fright Night, let Top Villas theme your vacation rental

From themed costumes, candy galore and scary party decorations to carved pumpkins and chilling party games, our Guest Experience team will bring the spirit of Halloween to your vacation rental. Providing a fantastic range of extra concierge services, no request is too ambitious or far-fetched!

If you’re planning to host a fun and goulish Halloween party this vacation contact our Guest Experience team today!

Useful info for your Halloween vacation in Orlando:

Halloween pumpkin at Disneyworld

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