4 fantastic Orlando paintball facilities

A paintball player taking aim and ducking for cover.

Looking for an exhilarating tactical experience? Dodge flying paint shells and spray opponents with a shower of color at one of these fantastic Orlando paintball facilities. 

Orlando is home to some fantastic opportunities for avid paintballers and recreational players alike. Who doesn’t love a thrilling competition with family and friends? Work as a team to duck and dive across the battlefield as you target your enemy with colorful ammunition. Watch the pellets fly and see that satisfying splat on your opponent. 

We’ve put together a selection of phenomenal paintball facilities which would make a great day out for the whole group. Take a look below to find out where you can grab a slice of the action. 

What do you need to know to play paintball in Orlando?

A paintball team laughing between matches.

Paintball is an exceptionally fun sport, but can seem a little daunting for players new to the game. Take note of a few key factors to consider before you leap into combat. 

  • Ammunition: paintballs are thin-skinned beads filled with water-soluble paint. The paint can usually be easily washed out of clothing so you don’t have to worry about mess. For safety, you’ll have to use pellets purchased from the facility.
  • Clothing: biodegradable paint can be washed out of clothing fairly easily. That said, it might be wise to wear some of your older garments instead of your best dress to avoid stains. Thick, long sleeve and full length clothing is recommended to avoid bruises and closed-toe shoes are required. 
  • Safety: children ten years and up can take part in traditional paintball. There are a number of lower-impact and spring-loaded options for younger children as young as five. Goggles and safety equipment are provided. Overalls and chest protectors are available to rent also, but not essential.
  • Paintball markers: there are types of paint guns (markers) available for use – pump action, semi-automatic and full-auto. You are allowed to bring your own equipment or rent this at the facility. Be aware though, that some facilities restrict the use of full-auto paint guns. You can rent additional attachments to play the game your way. 
  • Game modes: you can play many different game types at most facilities. The most popular games are capture the flag and team elimination modes. Some facilities will have a shooting range and varying terrain to give a new tactical perspective to the game. 

4 awesome Orlando paintball fields

Orlando Paintball

A team of three paintballers taking cover.

As one of Florida’s largest paintball facilities, Orlando Paintball is one of the most popular locations in Orlando for some messy, exhilarating action. Located in Lockhart, northwest of Orlando, this massive space comprises eight indoor and outdoor fields with many exciting themes. Immerse yourself in your favorite video games and tactical shooters, fight in a futuristic arena and dodge colorful projectiles on a wooded battlefield. Come rain or shine there’s always an exciting scenario to climb into in a jumpsuit for. Specific paintballing scenarios include making a daring escape attempt, fending off an alien invasion and avoiding nuclear meltdown. 

The facility offers fantastic packages for groups, parties and corporate events, which makes it an ideal place for teambuilding or to celebrate with a splash of color. Master the battlefield alongside your teammates across a sprawling complex of paint-smeared combat. The facility is open late into the night, especially on weekends, which is perfect if you prefer a nighttime skirmish. 

Orlando Paintball prides itself on its high quality rental equipment. Regular customers won’t be outmatched by seasoned paintballers, and with equipment this good, there’s a chance that you’ll send them ducking for cover. A choice of weapons are available and feature a high rate of fire, accuracy and allow for maneuverability on the battlefield. A number of upgrades are available, such as the sniper barrel, for the pinpoint accuracy you crave to make that game-winning shot. Learn more about their facility here.

Warrior Sports Park

Paintball player with paint splattered helmet.

Warrior Sports Park is another expansive facility with four epic playing fields (with more to come). Part of Barnett Park, this shiny, new facility is ready to be splattered with paintballs. It’s known for excellent standards of service and the latest in equipment rental, such as tournament grade paintballs. There are three heroic packages to choose from which ensure you won’t run out of ammunition.

This facility is an excellent place to host for parties and events, offering exclusive packages, VIP seatings and refreshments – grab the pizza whilst it’s hot! Children as young as five years old can participate in some messy action due to the use of ‘low-impact’ paintballs. That means you’ll be walking away from your child’s birthday party with fewer bruises. 

It may be new, but Warrior Sports Park is already making a colorful mark on the Orlando paintball scene. It’s expected to grow, bringing with it more fun and thrilling arenas in which to face-off against fierce paint-wielding opponents. You’ll find the park off of West Colonial Drive.

Mark’em All Paintball

Children with pump-action paint guns.

Located just a one hour drive southwest of Orlando, Mark’em All Paintball is a facility which offers a splatter of fun for children as young as five and big kids alike. It offers a wide variety of scenarios and game types across three fantastic playing fields. Steal the opposition’s flag, eliminate the enemy, and take the capture point to secure success. 

There’s something for the whole family to enjoy – from traditional paintball, to an open-air shooting range. Young children can enjoy firing paint at targets without the worry of getting hit themselves. For six year olds and up that want to compete in the action, Mark’em All Paintball offers spring-loaded pump-action paint guns that fire paintballs at a softer velocity. Any children ten or older can compete in the high-adrenaline sport using a fully-equipped weapon without restrictions – let the paint fly!

You can also add a dash of color to your family get-together with some tactical action and a sense of danger. Mark’em All Paintball features fantastic family fun and makes a worthwhile attempt to include everyone. Whether you’re with a group or just going solo on a one-man mission, the staff match players with people of a similar skill level so that you’re always having a great time. 

Battlefield Orlando

A paintballer taking aim through a tire.

With 32-acres of space to stage truly awesome paintball battles, Battlefield Orlando is an amazing spot for splattering opponents. Take part in thrilling scenarios, including  a Jurassic adventure. The fields feature purpose-built terrain including vehicles, crashed planes, trees, bridges and multi-storey bunkers. Fire on opponents from the battlements or storm a defended bunker. 

Younger kids can get involved too and won’t miss out on the fun. Battlefield Orlando offers Gellyball – a low-impact game type using gel filled pellets that don’t make a mess. Children as young as five can enjoy firing easy-to-use blasters. The whole family can enjoy the intense fun of combat simulation, and your kids will love a real-life Battle Royale. 

The facility promotes the safety of all players, clearly listing their rules and regulations on the website. By creating a safe environment, participants can enjoy the thrills without any of the spills. Battlefield Orlando looks after their players and encourages everyone to have a great time.

Paintball tournaments in Orlando

A near miss for a camouflage paintball player.

You can find several scenarios and other paintball events in and around Orlando throughout the year. By far the largest event of Orlando’s paintball calendar is the World Cup of Paintball hosted by the National Xball League in Kissimmee. Teams, fans and paintball giants from around the world will be attending to enjoy a shot of the action. Whether you are spectating the amateur fields or grabbing a ticket to the professional tournament, there’s something for everyone to take part in. There will also be a huge tradeshow with food, vendors and plenty of extra fun. 

You can find out more here

Try paintball in Orlando

Whether you’re a paintball novice or a tactical artist, there’s a variety of locations offering a fantastic time for all in Orlando. Feel the rush of darting across a paint-dashed playing field and take aim at your opponents. Paintball is an exciting activity for parties, events, or team-building. Fulfill your competitive side and invite friends and family for an adrenaline-filled day of paintball.

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