Can I get a sim card for use in Florida?

Can I get a sim card for use in Florida?

Yes, it’s easy to get a sim card for use in Florida! 

If you’re entering the USA with an iPhone or another type of smartphone you may have to have it unlocked to use a pre-paid sim card in Florida.

On arrival in the USA, it’s often easiest to buy a basic sim card from Walmart or another major supermarket for a few dollars. This way you can call or text local numbers cheaply, and you can keep your usual phone with all of its usual features.

If you want to use your existing mobile plan, there are a few ways to do this without incurring significant costs.

The first option is to turn off your data roaming while you’re on holiday. This means you can still use the phone but only if you connect to local wifi networks. However you can’t usually make calls or send messages without incurring significant costs.

Alternatively you can buy a data roaming package through your network provider. Most of these include an allowance for calls, messages and mobile data, and they are competitively priced – also you get regular alerts if the package data is running low so you don’t run out of data without knowing.

We recommend that you check with your network provider to discuss the options (and the likely costs) before setting off on your travels.