Can you drink tap water in Orlando?

Drinking tap water in Orlando

Yes, you can drink tap water in Orlando.

People have reported a specific aftertaste to the Orlando tap water, but it is perfectly safe to drink.

Many cities in countries all over the world have variations in the taste of their tap water. This is due to the different organic and mineral deposits which can vary from one city to the next.

Orlando, Florida, is home to Orange County Utilities, whose purpose is to deliver clean and safe drinking water to the people of Orlando and the many millions of people who visit Orlando every year. So you can rest assured that drinking tap water will cause you no harm, even if you don’t necessarily enjoy the taste.

If you are visiting Orlando and you find you don’t like the taste of the tap water then do not worry, as most of our Orlando villas come complete with built-in water filters in the refrigerator.

If you’d rather not drink the tap water at all, then you can stock up on bottled water from any of the local shops and supermarkets. Our guide to grocery shopping in Orlando has tips on where to go.