Things to do on a Bali family vacation

A family vacation in Bali

Is Bali a good place for a family vacation?

If you’re looking for a fantastic destination for a trip with the kids, head to Indonesia for a Bali family vacation. This beautiful Indonesian island has long been a favorite of backpackers, luxury seekers, and zen and relaxation. But there is also so much to do that makes it a wonderful place for families with kids, from youngsters to teens.

Rediscover that vacation feeling in Bali

When to take a Bali family vacation for good weather

June is the best month to visit Bali. The weather is warm, with temperatures hovering around 86F. There is also very little chance of rain and lower humidity than at other times of the year.

When are there fewer crowds in Bali?

March is a great time to visit Bali on a family vacation if you’re trying to avoid the crowds. It is the quietest month in Bali in terms of tourist footfall. It is also very unpredictable in terms of weather, so don’t forget your raincoats!

A family of three getting ready to surf

The 9 best things to do on a Bali family vacation

1. Make a splash at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is a family-friendly water park that’s guaranteed to cause a splash with the whole crew. From gentle, mellow rides for toddlers, all the way to Asia’s steepest slide (the terrifying Climax), Waterbom has 17 rides to choose from. After a thorough soaking, everyone can dry off and refuel in one of the on-site bars and restaurants. They offer a delicious choice of fresh local food and drink. Waterbom is always a hit of family vacations. It has fun for everyone, not only those who enjoy adrenaline-pumping experiences.

2. Get to know the local wildlife at the Monkey Forest

At the Monkey Forest, Bali’s cheekiest native animals are the stars of the show. Based in trendy Ubud, the monkey forest is a tourist attraction, but also a sanctuary for Bali’s monkeys. They run wild amongst the trees, statues, and pathways of the preserve, delighting visitors with their playful antics. Conservation is the main concern of the park and visitors are welcomed in to learn more about these beautiful animals, as well as their natural environment. It’s a great place for families with animal-mad kids and teens.

3. Learn to surf on Bali’s mystical waves

When in Bali, you simply must get out on the water and try the most popular watersport on the island. Surfing is a way of life in Bali, and it is a hotspot for enthusiasts from all over the world looking to ride a perfect wave. Even if your family are complete novices on the board, Bali has got scores of well-regarded surf schools, with short courses for young children, teens, and adults.

4. Brave the rapids on a white water rafting adventure

For families with older children who want a bit of adventure on vacation, try taking on one of the country’s famous white water rafting expeditions. Bali is home to some epic waterways, and hurtling down the rapids in an inflatable boat is one of the most exciting ways to explore them. There are experiences graded for beginners, as well as trips for those looking for a proper adrenaline rush.

5. Have a cultural night out at Nusa Dua Theatre

The Devdan show at the Susa Dua Theatre in Bali is a cultural highlight of any family vacation on the island. It is a wondrous evening full of traditional dance, music, and also acrobatic performances highlighting the unique culture and history of Indonesian islands. The show is an excellent way for families to find out more about Bali in a fun, memorable way. 

6. Feel on top of the world at Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Take to the treetops of Bali’s lush rainforest in this breathtaking family park. The Bali Treetop Adventure Park is a fantastic day out for families with young kids, as well as teens. There are plenty of trails and challenges for all ages to enjoy. Face your fears on flying fox ziplines, scramble up spider nets or stroll through the canopy on a suspension bridge. Just don’t forget your camera to capture some awesome family memories.

7. Go butterfly spotting at Taman Kupu Kupu

Taman Kupu Kupu is Bali’s butterfly house, where you can walk amongst hundreds of dainty, fluttering insects. It is the biggest butterfly conservation center in South East Asia. It’s dedicated to the protection and breeding of the butterflies of Bali. For families who love nature, creepy-crawlies, and learning about Bali’s rich biodiversity, this is a brilliant day out.


8. Take a walk along the seabed with the Bali Seawalker

Families with older children can take part in this unique and unforgettable activity. The Bali Seawalker allows you to walk along the bottom of the sea. It’s a ‘soft dive’, which means that even people without swimming or diving experience can get up close and personal with stunning marine life. Using a purpose-made breathing helmet, participants can explore Bali’s beautiful coastline from a new vantage point. This incredible adventure is suitable for anyone over 10. Adventurers are accompanied every step of the way by a fully trained qualified instructor. 

9. Enjoy the stunning scenery on a Bali family vacation cruise

Any time spent in or around the water is time well spent in Bali. If your family vacation has been a busy one, why not hit the pause button and enjoy life at a slower pace, befitting of the island’s laid-back vibe? Hop aboard one of the many local boats offering serene cruises around Bali’s coast to get a view of Indonesia from a different vantage point.

Villas for amazing Bali family vacation stays

An epic family vacation needs an epic place to stay. Our Bali vacation rentals bring a touch of luxury to any family holiday, as well as beautiful spaces for rest and relaxation. Based in some of the best destinations in Bali, within easy reach of the island’s top attractions, these stunning villas have tremendous facilities, including private pools, games rooms, and also fitness centers.

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