Win a 5-night stay in Orlando!

Winter rentals in Orlando

Enter our competition for the chance to win a fantastic 5-night stay in Orlando, Florida!

Imagine gathering 15 of your friends together for an unforgettable 5-night stay at Encore 98, an 8-bedroom vacation home with its own home theater and private pool! The villa offers easy access to all of the brand-new amenities at Encore Resort at Reunion. With pools, kids’ splash zones and a state-of-the-art water park, there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy.

Encore Competition January 2018


You can train at the fitness center or take advantage of the many sports courts, where you can play volleyball, tennis and basketball. The dining options are endless, too, so stop by Finn’s for a burger or enjoy a selection of snacks in the Shark Lounge. Staying onsite at Encore also gives you access to the top restaurants at Reunion Resort, from their rooftop restaurant Eleven to The Cove at Seven Eagles.

Set 5 miles from the gates of magical Walt Disney World, the resort is handily located for Orlando’s best attractions. Experience championship golf courses, shopping malls and superb dining, all located nearby.

Win a stay at Encore Resort in Orlando

Encore 98

Encore 98

You can win a stay in Orlando, Florida

Win a stay in Orlando

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  1. Ian Roberts says:

    Great prize and happy to enter though would not take as many as 15 guests and only adults as we can then release our inner child!

  2. Karen Usher says:

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G going to Orlando this year, August 14th to be exact, haven’t booked accom yet, but if I were to win this, they wooooohooooooo I would be in 7th Heaven!!!!

  3. Anne Sckolnik says:

    WOW!!! What an awesome place to spend a relaxing vacation! Well done!! I’m going to have to check it out next time I’m in Orlando.

  4. Delanie Karim says:

    My husband and I are celebrating 25 yrs of marriage and I have a sister in Florida that I have not seen in years would love to be able to try and locate her

  5. Sheila Evans says:

    I’m almost lost for words – stunning accommodation and wonderful things to keep everyone happy! How I’d love to win this prize!

  6. Ric Woltz says:

    We are currently staying in Silver Creek, and this would be a great way to check out an upgrade. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Terry Kilgo says:

    Top Villa’s rocks! We have loved every property that we’ve ever stayed in when visiting Orlando through them. The amenities are awesome.

  8. Noel Brocker says:

    Spending five days with family in this dream come true location would be the best retirement present I could imagine!!

  9. Colin Cartwright says:

    I am seriously considering investing in a property in reunion encore and would really love to win to be able to come over from the UK to scout out the resort and available villa’s.

  10. Selena Davis says:

    I really wish I win I wanna go on a family vacation I’ve never been on one and this would be perfect for the kids

  11. Dalia Talat says:

    Oh my would be e dream come true if i ever win such a prize to have a vacation in Orlando, yaaaaayyyyy. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Britny carter says:

    This would be great for my family my kids been wanting to go to Disney world we could use a vacation like this they start Kindergarten in September

  13. Joel says:

    Love the Orlando area. We have three children and this would be a great vacation place for us. Our children have never been to Disney or any of the theme parks and they would love this.

      1. Angeline says:

        I really hope to win!😧 But have a good day, I haven’t I just want to make sure you all have an awesome one!💜

  14. Mayra Bejar says:

    Our family is in desperate need of a trip we’ve had our ups and down we just need some time to spend together it would be nice to win a trip like this best of luck to everyone I know any family would love this 😊

  15. JJoy Kilroy says:

    How wonderful it would be to vacation in Orlando and in one of your beautiful villas. My son and daughter-in-law live and work in Tampa and having a whole week there with them would be a blessing!

  16. Chong moua says:

    I would love to stay here!! My family will be coming to Orlando, Florida in august and I thought this would be an awesome place for us to stay when we come!!

  17. This would be amazing for our family of 7! We are a vlogging family from North Carolina that vlogs from Disney World at least three times a year. Since it is less than six miles from Disney, this house would be perfect on one of trips.

  18. Katie L says:

    Is this even real?! So amazing and beautiful!! A nice vacation would be amazing for my family and I!! Best of luck to everyone!!! And thank you Daily Dumls and Top Villas for the chance to win something so amazing!!!

  19. Alyssa says:

    Quick question, and I don’t mean to sound greedy I’m just curious, what is all included in this contest?? Just the 5 night stay in the house or anything else??

  20. Elsy says:

    My fiance and I are getting married this Sept. And we have been thinking about having our honeymoon in Orlando. This would be such a great experience and definitely memorable.

  21. Raquel Alvarez says:

    I will love o win this my parents 33 anniversary just pasted and we don’t have time to celebrate it and will love to take them here they have never been to Florida I will love to win these because my mom and I have been having a lot of stress because we Lost 6 family members and that is a lot of stress plus I have a lot of health issues and that’s extra stress on my fam will love to win this so I can say just relax to my parents and get out of the routine for a couple of days well hope I win

  22. Lisette Valladares says:

    I never been to Orlando FL and I will Love to win to take my boyfriend and my family to go on a vacation to Orlando FL we would love to go

  23. Sheena Haynes says:

    Would be so much fun for our family thank you for the opportunity, and the house Dailybumps is staying in is BEAUTIFUL!

  24. Haley Whitehouse says:

    My moms birthday is coming up and this vacation would be the best gift for her. The houses are so beautiful i feel like i’m practically there.

  25. Sierra Roberts says:

    This is such a beautiful vacation spot! I personally have not been on any “luxurious” vacations so this is even better! I can not wait to see who wins! Of course I would hope it would be me, but everyone deserves it as much as my family.. Best of luck to my fellow competitors. <3

  26. Crystal Mastriani says:

    Me and my family would love to stay there. We have never really gone in a real vacation. My dream is to travel the world and Florida is a great start. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  27. melissa says:

    This would be amazing for when we go to florida to visit friends and we can bring the kids too. have a nice place we can stay and all get to have a good vacation. i miss florida and so want togo back and visit soon as i can.

  28. Olga Baos Mallol says:

    After this long long winter in the Seattle area with none stop raining and grey in grey, me and my family are ready for a break. I am an adventurer and love to plan my trips and discover new places. Never been in Orlando!!! This could be a dream come true.

  29. Cynthia Estes says:

    Would love to be able to take grandchildren to Disney. This would be a great way to make many memories for a lifetime.

  30. Colleen Drews says:

    It’ll be awesome to win the package so I can get my boys to have an awesome and unforgettable vacation to Orlando before they enter to 6th and 9th grades. 😩 I’m not ready to let them go but taking them to Orlando will be a great memories for us to cherish forever! 💜

  31. Debrah M Ray says:

    This is a beautiful home. Would enjoy the stay here very much. We are looking to buy in an adult senior living resort, this would give us a very good idea and would be able to seek others in area

  32. louis f padula says:


  33. Darla Knight says:

    We have a son and sister in Florida. Would love to vacation in Orlando. Can’t beat any vacation especially in Florida.

  34. michelle schick says:

    Beautiful Home and Pool, would love to stay there with our family. Haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom since the eighties, and never with my Husband, looks like too much fun!!!!!

    1. Della Driscoll says:

      We’re glad you like it! Fingers crossed – hopefully you’ll be visiting Magic Kingdom very soon!

  35. PETER WEBB says:

    For many years we visited Orlando with the kids and had the “Time of our lives”.

    Now they have left University and entering the Navy in the next few weeks.

    The next time we see them it will be the 21st December and we did say “wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all spend Christmas together in Disney World.

    Winning this competition might just be the good luck that we need.

      1. Sophia Vargas says:

        Being a military family, we hope to win! It would be nice to take a vacation and soak up some sun!

      1. James says:

        Thx my mum and dad have had a bad year and I really want rock cheer the,come up but taking this holiday I would love if I won good luck to everyone

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