What are the queues like at Walt Disney World?

What are the queues like in Walt Disney World?

The question ‘what are the queues are like at Walt Disney World?’ is common among Disney first-timers. The queues vary quite a lot depending on the time of year and whether or not there are any special events taking place.

There is no high or low season at Disney World, but as a general rule the parks get very busy during the school holidays, and are quieter during term time.

The busiest times at Disney World are during the school summer holidays, as well as during Christmas and New Year, Easter and Spring Break, and during other holidays like the UK half terms, Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you visit during these peak periods you should expect much longer queues for the rides and at the on-site shops, restaurants and amenities.

The quieter times at Disney World are during term time, and during periods when the weather is not at its best. These are the best times to visit Disney World if you prefer it a little quieter.

You can find out more about the best times to visit Disney World in our handy guide, or check out our Disney World crowd calendar for a quick look at what to expect.

Whatever time of year you visit, you can beat the crowds with Disney Fastpass+. This allows you to to skip the queues for certain rides, attractions and character greetings by booking a reservation in advance. You can make up to 3 Fastpass selections for a single park per day included in the price of park admission – these reservations can be made up to 30 days prior to the day you’ll use them.

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