Do I need to pay for pool heating?

Do I need to pay for pool heating?

Yes, if you want your villa’s pool to be heated it will be at an additional cost (unless otherwise stated).

Pool heating is available all year round, however, it is an optional extra which is payable in addition to the cost of your reservation.

Prices are around $35 per day plus tax although it does vary from villa to villa depending on the pool size and heating type.

Pool heating may not be necessary for your vacation, especially if you’re visiting Orlando in the hot summer months. If you need any pool heating it is likely to be in the winter and early spring months when daytime temperatures are cooler.

You can add pool heating to your account when you book, or you can add it on at any time before the final balance is due. If you opt to have no pool heating but you change your mind while on vacation, we can arrange for your pool heating to be turned on however please be aware it can take up to 24 hours to heat up.

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