Is it safe to book a summer holiday in 2021?

Book a summer holiday in 2021

Thanks to the vaccine roll out, a summer holiday in 2021 is now looking far more likely. But is it safe?

To avoid the lingering uncertainty of Covid-19, we’re here to guide you. Our handy ‘do’s’ will help to minimize the risk and make the process as stress-free as possible.

Do check the UK travel light system

If you’re a UK resident, keeping abreast of which countries are on the green list will be your first step in knowing where you can, and can’t go for a summer holiday in 2021.

The Government’s new traffic light system will signal which countries are green and therefore safe to travel. You’ll be tested for Coronavirus but will not need to quarantine.

Others will be marked amber, signifying stricter Covid-19 restrictions surrounding testing and quarantine. Expect to take an additional test and be asked to self-isolate.

Red list countries will signify a high-risk Covid rate and therefore will have stricter measures in place. Expect anything from a 10-day enforced UK quarantine in a government-approved hotel, to a full travel ban.

Depending on which traffic light your intended holiday country is, expect to pay for Covid testing and for any compulsory hotel quarantine accommodation. These costs can quickly mount up, so we recommend waiting for the UK Government’s green travel list before booking any nearby or far-flung destinations.

Do take out travel insurance

The traffic light system can change without very little warning, so having adequate travel insurance in place before you book your holiday will protect you for any last minute travel disruptions. Book Travel Insurance that will cover you for Covid-related distruptions, including illness, travel delays, quarantine costs and cancellations.

Do book a holiday home with flexible cancellation

The number one priority when sourcing your holiday accommodation is to book one with flexible cancellation. Make sure your provider’s cancellation policy will fully refund you or amend your travel dates for free, in the event of cancellation or Covid-related delays.

Not sure where to look? Many of our luxury Top Villas vacation homes benefit from our latest flex cancellation policy. This means you’ll be free to cancel your stay within the specificed time, for any reason, for a full refund. Alternatively, you’ll be able to amend your travel dates for free.

To benefit from this extra peace-of-mind, reserve a vacation home with one of the following Flex badges:

  • Flex 14 – Cancel for a full refund or amend your dates free of charge, up to 14 days before check in.*
  • Flex 30 – Cancel for a full refund or amend dates free of charge, up to 30 days before check in.*

*T’s & C’s apply.

Do pay with a credit card

When booking your vacation, flights or hotel, use a credit card. Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, card issuers are legally responsible for the delivery of goods or a service. So in the event your travel operator, flight company or hotel cancel your booking or collapse, you’ll be able to claim a refund for purchases between £100 and under £30,000. Yes there’s some protection when paying with a debit card, but banks are not legally obliged to refund you.

Stay with Top Villas

Whichever season or year you book to stay in one of our exclusive homes, you’re guaranteed a first-class service. Our Guest Experience team is on hand to help enhance your vacation too, with our amazing travel extras. What’s more you can book 1 – 3 year’s in advance, for hassle-free holiday planning.

Plus we make payments a breeze. Our new Affirm credit payment option* means you can spread the cost of your villa stay over a 3, 6 or 12 month period. Simply look out for properties with the Affirm banner.

*Subject to meeting Affirm’s credit criteria. T’s & C’s apply.

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