Is Barbados expensive?

Is Barbados expensive?

Like other Caribbean countries, Barbados can be a lot of fun to visit regardless of your budget – it all depends on where you go and what you do.

In terms of accommodation costs, our villas in Barbados range in price from $135 per night for a 1-bedroom apartment in Christchurch, to around $9,000 a night for a sprawling 9-bedroom mansion in Gibbs Beach with room to sleep up to 16 guests.

The cost of food depends on what kind of groceries you buy and where you decide to eat out. You can stock up on groceries at one of the local grocery stores or supermarkets and dine at home, which may be cheaper than dining out.

If you do head out to eat you can spend anywhere from a few dollars on snacks to a few hundred dollars on a meal for 2 at somewhere like The Cliff, the island’s most famous restaurant.

Car hire in Barbados is around $100 per day although it works out a little cheaper if you rent a car for a week or more. Taxis are quite pricey at around $60 for a one-way trip from Grantley Adams International Airport to St James on the west coast of the island.

You can walk to the local bars, shops and restaurants, or use public buses and minibuses which are frequent and very cheap, although they are often packed and driven at high speeds.

Here’s a rundown various costs you may encounter – prices given are in US dollars (just double it for the cost in Barbadian dollar):

1 day’s car hire $100
A meal for 2 at an upmarket restaurant $200
1 medium McDonalds meal $8
A cappuccino in a café $4
1 small bottle of imported beer in a bar $3.50
A bottle of water from a supermarket (1.5 l) $2.50
1 bottle of wine from a supermarket $17.50
A tour of Harrison’s Cave $68
A snorkeling cruise by catamaran $70
1 liter of gasoline $1.60
1 adult admission to St Nicholas Abbey $23


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