A Disney World Fastpass+ guide

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We’ve created a simple guide to the upgraded Disney World Fastpass service complete with everything you need to know about reservations, planning ahead, magic bands and the best Fastpass+ attractions. 

What is the Disney World Fastpass+?

The Disney World Fastpass+ is a new and improved version of the Disney Fastpass which allows you to skip queues by making reservations at participating Fastpass+ attractions at Disney World. You can book 3 rides or attractions per day, up to 30 days in advance (60 days for Disney resort guests) and it’s all included in the price of regular park admission.

How does Fastpass+ work at Disney World?

This new system replaces the original Fastpass service (which relied on paper tickets) with a sophisticated electronic system that allows you to make Fastpass reservations in advance online, or using the Disney mobile app, or on the same day at an in-park Fastpass+ kiosk

The new system works by allowing guests to book 1, 2 or 3 Fastpass+ attractions for each day of your ticket at a single park. You can then use a special ‘magic band’ or your registered park ticket to enter the Fastpass line any time during your chosen 1-hour arrival window. This way, you get to the rides much faster than using the regular queue.

Bonus tip: after you’ve used your third Fastpass+ experience you are free to choose a fourth one at an in-park kiosk, or using the mobile app (subject to availability).

How much does a Disney World Fastpass+ cost?

Nothing. The Disney World Fastpass+ service is included in the cost of park admission.

What are ‘magic bands’?

‘Magic bands’ are rubber wrist bands that contain special ID chips, similar to park tickets. They offer touch-and-go functionality at park entrances, Fastpass+ queues and with park Photopass photographers. Magic bands are a convenient alternative to tickets as they are worn around the wrist making them easily accessible at all times.

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You can link your magic band to your Fastpass+ account and then use it to gain access to the Fastpass queues around the park. You don’t need to have a magic band to use the Fastpass+ system but they are a convenient option and you won’t have to fumble around in a backpack or purse for your tickets.

Magic bands cost around $23 and are available from the Disney Store – if you do opt to buy one they make great souvenirs to take home!

Using the Fastpass+ at Disney World in Orlando

How do I make Fastpass+ reservations?

Once you have booked your park tickets you can register for a Fastpass+ account. Once your account has been registered you can link it to your ticket number. You can make Fastpass+ reservations up to 30 days in advance of your visit, or up to 60 days in advance if you’re staying on-site.

When you’ve linked your park admission to your Fastpass account, you can add the people you’re traveling with to your family and friends list. This is especially useful if you’re traveling with children or with a large group and don’t fancy registering lots of separate accounts.

Bear in mind that, according to Disney Fastpass rules, you can select up to 3 Fastpasses per ticket, per day, for use in one Disney park only.

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What is the Disney Fastpass app?

There isn’t a specific Disney Fastpass app but there is a Disney mobile app called the My Disney Experience. This handy app helps you plan your day at the touch of a button and features a GPS-enabled map, attraction waiting times, a ticket reservation facility, an itinerary-sharing option for family and friends, and details of reservations you’ve already made for your party’s Fastpass experiences.

List of Fastpass attractions at Disney World

The Disney Fastpass can only be used on certain high-profile attractions, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, The Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Space Mountain, as well as entertainment choices including Fantasmic and the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. There are Fastpass picks for character greetings too, and special Fastpass viewing areas for parades and fireworks. Need some recommendations for the best rides to use your Fastpass on at Disney?

Best rides to use Fastpass on at Magic Kingdom

  • Ariel’s Grotto
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Splash Mountain

Best rides to use Fastpass on at Animal Kingdom

  • Festival of the Lion King
  • Finding Nemo the Musical
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Primeval Whirl

Best rides to use Fastpass on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Beauty and the Beast Live
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Muppet Vision 3D
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Best rides to use Fastpass on at Epcot

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Living with the Land
  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  • Spaceship Earth
  • Turtle Talk with Crush

You can see the full list of current Fastpass+ attractions at Disney World Orlando here.

*Please note that Disney World Fastpass tiers apply for attractions at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Guests can choose one selection from Tier 1 and two selections from Tier 2.

What if my plans change?

If your plans change, don’t worry!

You can modify your Fastpass+ selections at any time online or via your mobile app or at the Fastpass+ kiosks conveniently located throughout all 4 theme parks. After you redeem your initial 3 selections, you can head to a kiosk to make another selection subject the the attraction’s availability.

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Do I have to arrive at an exact time?

No, it’s a bit more flexible than that.

Once you select your Fastpass+ attractions you are assigned a one-hour long arrival window so you can show up any time that you wish during this window. You don’t have to worry about rushing around or getting delayed as long as you arrive during that one-hour slot.

While most attractions typically offer a one-hour arrival window, other experiences like shows and parades may require you to arrive during a specific time.

disney world fastpass

Disney Fastpass secrets and tips

  • Make Fastpass+ reservations no matter how quiet you think the parks will be
  • Book slots for the late morning and early afternoon, when crowds are at their peak
  • Once you’ve used your 3 pre-booked selections you have the option to make a 4th reservation from an in-park kiosk
  • Register your selections as early as possible to get the best choice of attractions and times to choose from
  • You’ll need to pick one park for your Fastpass+ reservations
  • Make sure you’re not late for your one-hour time allocation
  • You can modify your reservations at any time using the website, the mobile app or an in-park kiosk
  • Use your Fastpass reservations for your favorite attractions and those with the longest waiting wait times
  • If your favorite attraction is fully-booked keep trying on the day; it may become available during the day
  • Children under 2 enter the park for free and do not need Fastpasses
  • If you buy a magic band, make sure you don’t forget to link it to your Fastpass+ account
  • Be aware that queues at Fastpask kiosks can be long
  • If you can, download the mobile app as this eliminates the need to use kiosks
  • The Fastpass service doesn’t apply to all attractions
  • Annual passholders can reserve 7 days of Fastpass+ selections within any 30-day period
  • You can find out more about the Disney World Fastpass service here.

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