‘Wreck Ashore’ on Florida Keys

The stretch of islands at the southern tip of Florida known as the Keys are a magnet for vacationers who love the sea. The most western inhabited island is Key West where you can book a luxury villa and take your time to enjoy your surroundings.

There is lots to do including exploring the islands which are joined by roads and bridges making it possible to drive from the mainland to Key West. On your way you can stop off and enjoy restaurants and any number of watery pastimes.

Ahoy me hearties

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Shipwreck Treasures Museum

One certain attraction with a difference in Key West is the Shipwreck Treasures Museum. Back in the 19th Century as many as 100 sailing ships sailed past the Keys every day.  Being part of the Florida Reef the waters around the Keys were often treacherous, resulting in at least one ship wreck a week.

The Museum tells the story of those times with a tour led by an actor playing a ‘wreck master’. That is what the person who led the recovery of the wreck was called. The job went to whoever spotted the wreck first and gathered the crew together. As the wreck master also got the biggest bounty when the ‘treasures’ were auctioned everyone wanted to be the first to spot a wreck and shout Wreck Ashore.  They climbed high observation towers, sometimes 90 feet tall, to watch for them. At the museum the observation tower is a mere 65 feet but well worth the climb for the ocean views.

The Isaac Allerton

Florida Keys villas

The Shipwreck museum

The Museum concentrates on one particular ship wreck. The cargo ship Isaac Allerton which went down in 1856 after being caught in a hurricane. Her crew were rescued by the wreckers and some of her cargo was salvaged. You can relive the story of this great ship without actually getting wet at the museum and see many of the artefacts.

If you’re fascinated by this era or just curious about ship wrecks, you’ll love this experience. The Museum is open everyday from 9.40 – 5 and the tours/shows about the Isaac Allerton last 20 minutes.

The Keys are definitely worth a visit as there is plenty to see and do. Why not include a stay on the Keys with a stay on mainland Florida as a dual center vacation? The splendid choice of luxury villas in Florida can be easily booked on our website complete with hire car so that you can get from one to the other.