What’s new at Florida’s Theme Parks?

Orlando attracts more than 50,000 visitors every year who come to enjoy its attractions. Although this is not the only reason to visit Orlando, the theme parks definitely have the pulling power. So we thought we’d share some of the new or updated attractions in Orlando and around Florida.

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What’s new in Orlando?
At DisneyWorld, Fantasyland opened last year and more is promised this year. Storybook Circus with The Barnstormer roller coaster lead by the Great Goofini, the double Dumbo ride and Casey Jr Splash and Soak Station are already open. Attractions in the Enchanted Forest are up and running too.

Also open is something not usually associated with Disney Magic, the Tangled Rest Area. However it’s the perfect ‘pit stop’ when you need the cloakroom, somewhere to charge your cell phone or iPad or when you just need a short break from the non-stop fun!

Discovery Cove has a new baby

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New dolphin calf
Picture courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

Down the road on International Drive, Discovery Cove has welcomed a baby dolphin. He was born to Atlantic bottlenose dolphin Kendal. As we write, the baby calf is about two weeks old. We wonder how long it will be until he’s swimming with visitors.

LegoLand Water Park just got more bricks
LegoLand Winter Haven water park has just reopened for the season. Its reopening boasts an additional two million more bricks. These have been used to create more scenes and more Lego people around the water park. These include new arrivals Moby Dick and a 15 foot mermaid along with surfers, seahorses, clams and shells at the park.

New arrival at Busch Gardens

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New baby aardvark at Busch Gardens
Picture courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

Down the road in Tampa, Busch Gardens also has a new occupant. A baby aardvark is now living there. The aardvark is just over a month old and is the third offspring of parents Izzy and Friz. Baby aardvark joins his siblings, sister Adazee who is just a year old, and brother, Zawadi who was born two years ago.

We wonder what the new baby will be called?

Angry Birds at Kennedy Space Center
A new attraction based on the computer game Angry Birds will open at the Kennedy Space Center at the end of the month. Visitors will be able to design their very own angry bird and then digitally catapult it at targets!

So even for returning visitors there are plenty of new attractions at the Florida theme parks. Whether you’re first –timers or returners, don’t forget to put these on your must-see list when you visit. Book your luxury Orlando vacation rental online soon.