Mom can I ride on this one?

OK so you’re taking the kids to Disney this summer. You’ll already have your vacation checklist ready no doubt. Having secured your luxury villa near Disney and purchased your attraction tickets, what more is there to think about?

If you want your trip to go as smoothly as possible it’s best to start planning soon. One of the considerations is your children’s heights. It might seem silly but some rides at Mickey’s theme park and other attractions have height restrictions.

Safety first
Why you might ask?  Well it’s all in the name of safety. Restrictions are put in place to ensure your children fit into the seat or equipment used on the ride. It’s also worth remembering that if you have a youngster under seven, they can rarely ride alone. They will need an adult or a sibling over fourteen to ride with them.

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Height restrictions (courtesy of the Daily Disney blog)

Height restrictions
Despite the fact that many of the rides impose height restrictions, there are still many attractions that are available to all ages and heights. There will be plenty for everyone to enjoy.

However you might want to do some research before you go so that there aren’t too many disappointments. So get out your tape measure and check how tall your youngsters are and how this might affect which rides they can go on.

Magic Kingdom

Villas near Disney

The Barnstormer (Courtesy of the Daily Disney Blog)

The shortest height restriction is 32” for the Tomorrowland Speedway, though you must be 52” tall to drive. This is followed by 35” to ride The Barnstormer. Several rides need kids to be a minimum of 40” – Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and Stitch’s Great Escape. They must be a dizzy 44” tall to ride Space Mountain. That leaves plenty of other rides, shows and attractions where everyone can join in.

Animal Kingdom
At Animal Kingdom there are only four rides with height restrictions: Kali River Rapids need riders to be 38” tall or more; Dinosaur’s restriction is a minimum of 40”; a height of 44” will get you into Expedition Everest and finally, Primeval Swirl requires youngsters to measure 48” in height.

This park has two age restrictions. Children must be 8+ for the SeasAqua Tour and 10+ for DiveQuest. Height restrictions apply on Soarin’ 40”, Test Track® presented by Chevrolet 40” and Mission@ SPACE 44”.

Hollywood Studios
The auditions at the American Idol attraction are only open to children aged 14 years or older. Height restrictions apply at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 40”, Star Tours 40” and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster by Aerosmith 48”.

Height and age restrictions don’t just apply at the Disney theme parks; you’ll find them in place wherever you visit. So it’s best to check out all other likely venues such as Universal Studios, LEGOLand, SeaWorld and any others on your list.

Once you’re safely back in the comfort and privacy of your Orlando vacation rental though, you have the say about who can do what. Everyone will love the spacious accommodation, especially the pool and hot tub.

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