May the Force be with you in 2013

Star Wars weekends are a Disney institution and a ‘must-be-there’ event for Star Wars fans from around the world. If you’ve been holding your breath to hear the dates for 2013, we can put you out of your misery now.

You can visit and take part in a Star Wars weekend, that’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 17th right through to June 9th. That’s 4 whole weekends of Star Wars magic. That also gives you plenty of time to book your luxury villa near Disney.

What are Star Wars weekends?

Villas near Disney

James and Ashley, 2013 celebrity hosts

They celebrate the Star Wars films and the animated TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars with celebrity visits, Disney characters, special shows and interactive events. 2013’s events will be hosted by celebrities from The Clone Wars, James Arnold Taylor who is the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the series. Ashley Eckstein is the voice of Anakin’s Padawan Ahsoka Tano in the same series and will host the ‘Behind the Force’ live show.

Daily Parade
Every day you can watch the many Star Wars characters in a lively Parade.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue …
This is a special digital 3-D experience which takes you through the Star Wars Galaxy. You feel as though you’ve stepped right into the film and with 54 possible stories, no two experiences are the same.

Jedi-Training School

Villas near Disney

Jedis courtesy of DisneyWorld

Every child under 12 should learn how to use their light-sabre. At a Star Wars’ Jedi training school, they’ll get their chance. They might even get to battle with Darth Vader himself!

Youngsters can also pit themselves in the Padawan Mind Challenge to show their expertise in all things Star Wars.

Celebrity Autographs
Collect yourself a Star Wars autograph from one of the celebrities at the weekend. Of course everyone wants one, so Disney have to limit autographs to one per person. Use a FASTPASS to get yours.

Hyperspace Hoopla
At the end of every day there is a musical review which features many of your favourite Star Wars stars – Ewoks, Wookies, storm-troopers and Jawas amongst them.

Everything you need
Last but far from least is the Star Wars merchandise that is available. Created especially for these events, 2013 will have some great souvenirs which you can find at Darth’s Mall which is only open on Star Wars’ weekends.

Here you can also build you own Astromech Droid at the Droid Factory.

So book your vacation villa in one of the nearby resorts that are only minutes from the Disney theme parks. At the same time check out the attraction ticket deals which include Hollywood Studios where the Stars Wars Weekends take place.

All images courtesy of DisneyWorld

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