Heading to Saint Lucia

There’s no doubt that heading to the beautiful volcanic island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean is tempting. As it is very near the equator its climate has little variation so you can expect it to be warm throughout the year. As well as its appealing sandy beaches, it is also one of the most mountainous of the Caribbean island and also boasts rain forests and fertile valleys. So you get a lot of contrasts for your buck here.

When’s the best time to go?
Probably during the winter and spring months. Although there is little difference in temperatures the period between June and November is wetter. You can expect heavy storms that don’t last long thankfully if you visit during this period. Of course this same period is also hurricane season and although Saint Lucia is in the ‘path’ of the most generated hurricanes, fortunately they usually run North West of the island.

Where should we stay?

Luxury villa St Lucia

Our largest villa on the island

Well the answer to this is obvious – in one of our splendid luxury villas of course. We have twenty amazing villas in delightful locations so that you can enjoy the beauty of this island. And whether your party is small or large, we’ve got the perfect place for you.

Our largest vacation rental on Saint Lucia will sleep 26 people. That’s big enough for a wedding party or a large family get together. There’s plenty of space for everyone too in the 11 sumptuous bedrooms, three of which are in a cottage next to the pool. The pool is in the beautifully landscaped gardens which lead down to a pebble beach. The Caribbean Sea and the Piton Mountains are your views. It’s a spectacular mansion.

You don’t have to take the whole town away with you though, many of our smaller villas will comfortably sleep just six people. Cap Estate 19 falls into the latter category and is just as palatial and has its own infinity pool, well kitted out interiors and views across a golf course.

The beauty of Saint Lucia

Luxury villa St Lucia

Enjoying water sports

Once there you won’t want to leave your amazing surroundings but if you are tempted there is plenty to do. Make sure you visit their sun-kissed beaches, go duty free shopping in Port Seraphine and La Place Carinage. Visit the World Heritage site of the Pitons or grab a round of golf or what about some water sports?

Don’t miss a look round at Sulphur Springs! It’s the world’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano incidentally and where you can also indulge in a mud bath just downstream from the Springs. Don’t worry there are showers to wash it off afterwards.

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