The Top Villas Guide to Disney’s Fastpass+

We’ve created an in depth guide to Walt Disney’s new Fastpass+ System, so you can focus on having fun instead of waiting in line!DisneySign (1)

What is the Fastpass+ System?

Disney’s Fastpass+ system allows guests to book reservations for rides and attractions in any of Orlando’s Walt Disney World theme parks in advance (even before you begin packing for your trip!). This new system replaces the original Fastpass¬†reservations, which relied on paper tickets, with a sophisticated electronic system that utilises the Disney website, phone apps and guests’s magic bands (or traditional card tickets) to create a custom experience for each guest.

Previously, guests wanting to use the fastpass line for rides would have to pick up individual paper fastpasses for each attraction they wanted to visit, on the day of each visit. As you can imagine this made planning an efficient trip somewhat of a nightmare, especially if you wanted to be flexible or visit multiple parks in one day.

The new Fastpass+ system allows guests to book fastpasses up to 30 days out from their expected arrival date if they are staying off of Disney property. The brilliance of this system is that you can now combine the quality of an off-site vacation rental stay with the benefits of staying within a Disney Resort.

Top Villas Tip: Children under 2 who do not require park admission do not need to book Fastpasses


How to Make Fastpass+ Reservations Before Your Trip

1.) Purchase your tickets in advance

To make the most of the 30 day window to reserve your tickets, we recommend that you purchase tickets as early as possible before your trip. This allows you ample time to book up your selected fastpass choices, or to swap around before you arrive.

2.) Create a My Disney Experience Account


Once you have received your ticket reference number you will need to create a My Disney Experience account. You can do this on the Official Disney site. If you’re travelling in a group, you will need to add the names of everyone in your whole party. You can either invite them to manage their own account or manage them directly yourself (this is useful if you’re adding children to your party.)

3.) Link Your Tickets to Your My Disney Experience Accounts

This step is often easier if you download the My Disney Experience App onto your smartphone as you can directly scan the barcodes on your tickets. However, you can still use the website interface to enter the reference number of each ticket, you just need to type it out manually. Every single member of your party must have their ticket linked to their individual accounts if you want to be able to book fastpasses for them.


4.) Book fastpasses!

Once you’ve linked up your tickets you will be able to start selecting your fastpasses. A choice of several one hour windows for each attraction will be available for you to select for your selected date and park.

Top Villas Tip: You can select up to 3 fastpasses per day. If you’re thinking about visiting multiple parks in one day you should opt to select advanced fastpasses for the second park of that day. Don’t worry if you can’t get a fastpass for your chosen ride/time, often more fastpass options open up nearer to the time, or you can select last minute fastpasses via the app once you’re in the park.

Which Rides Should I Book Fastpasses for?

We’ve outlined some of our Top Villas top picks for fastpasses you should prioritise when selecting. The following attractions often draw big crowds or can have longer lines during the day so it’s best to try and book these attractions first.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom
Wishes Fireworks Show
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Peter Pans Flight
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Magic Kingdom (1)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest
Kali River Rapids
Kilimanjaro Safaris
Primeval Whirl

Magic Kingdom (2)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Toy Story Mania
Rock ‘n Roller Coaster
Star Tours
Frozen Sing Along

Magic Kingdom (3)

Note: The fastpass system is slightly different at EPCOT – there are two tiers of rides, guests may select one Tier 1 ride and two Tier 2 rides.

Fast Track (Tier 1)
Soarin’ (Tier 1)
Mission: SPACE

If you have any other questions or would like to get your attraction tickets booked in time to make Fastpass+ reservations, please contact our concierge team!

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