Finding Mickey

With your holiday villa close to DisneyWorld booked and your theme park tickets bought, all there is to do is enjoy the magic. If you’ve chosen one of the gated resorts close to Disney, your journey to Mickey’s home will be minimal so you can get on with the fun.

Make sure you try out all of Disney’s transport as it can be fun. Disney buses, the monorail, water taxis and ferryboats will transport you between parks.

Making it easy

Villas near Disney

Mickey-shaped popcorn

Remember to collect FastPasses for the rides that you can. You just need to insert your Disney ticket at the FastPass Distribution point located at the entrance to any attraction. The time that you need to be back is indicated; you usually have an hour during which you can use your FastPass option. Everyone in your party wishing to ride on the attraction must have a FastPass. Not having to queue will keep tempers calm.

Have you got a Disney Diningplan? If you have, don’t forget to use it!

A game to play

Villas near Disney

Not so hidden – a Mickey Waffle with syrup

Just like the ancient pastime of counting red cars when travelling – before the age of Nintendo DS and iPads – get the whole family counting Mickeys. Maybe allocate a prize for the one who finds the most.

You’ll find Mickey’s hidden face everywhere; in fact DisneyWorld make a point of ‘hiding’ the mouse’s image in unlikely places. So keep your eyes peeled and see how many you can spot.

Here are some of the places you’ll be sure to find him:

  • On the new FastPass bracelets
  • In the food hall – on cakes and desserts
  • On a poster by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – it’s the dropped popcorn!
  • On the tree trunk by the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse in Adventureland
  • On the posters as you go into the Rock and Roll Coaster
  • Check the axe blade on the suit of armour at Be Our Guest Restaurant
  • On the billboard poster for the Barnstormer
  • At Mickey’s Philharmagic – in the film as Donald chases Aladdin, three golden domed buildings can be spotted in a classic Mickey shape. But you have to be quick to spot this Hidden Mickey!

However you spend your hours at Mickey’s home, when you’ve all had enough of counting Hidden Mickeys and riding the rides, you can escape back to your luxury vacation home nearby.