Experience your own Grand Prix

Orlando is a favourite vacation destination at any time of the year. Not just because of the many theme parks in the vicinity but also because there is a plethora of attractions of all types to amuse absolutely everyone.

Because of Orlando’s popularity the choice of vacation rentals is also second to none. Top Villas has many luxury villas mostly in top class gated resorts right on the doorstep of all the fun. Despite this the many resorts are so beautifully landscaped and cover so much acreage that you will feel as though you are a million miles from the attractions without the physical distance!

Amusements for everyone
We mentioned the theme parks in passing and Orlando certainly has more than its fair share. DisneyWorld is the biggest magnet with four parks and two waterparks to visit. Close by you will also find other attractions such as SeaWorld, GatorLand, LEGOLand and many more. There is definitely something to please big and little kids who love this type of ready-made fun.

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The WaltDisney Speedwat

Definitely for big kids
The Exotic Driving Experience at the Walt Disney Speedway track is definitely for big kids. It is your chance to drive a super-speedy car as long as you are over 18 and hold a current driving licence. You’ll be put through your paces with a driving instructor before you swap seats and it’s your turn.

This is definitely the activity for you if you’ve dreamed of owning or driving a super car. Driving one on a race track is even better as there aren’t speed restrictions like there are

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4

on the roads! Get your thrills in a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, an Aston Martin, an Audio R8 or a Porsche. Experience driving a car worth hundreds of thousands of pounds with the power to go from 0 to 100 mph in just seconds.

Thrills all the way
If you aren’t old enough – or brave enough – to drive, then those who are 14+ and accompanied by a parent or guardian can take a ‘thrill ride’. You too can experience seeing the track through the windscreen of one of these amazing cars at high speed.

You don’t need to make a reservation for the rides. Just turn up and the team at Exotic Driving will see when there is a car and driver available.

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Aston Martin Virage

Reservations are needed for the driving experience though. Just a word of warning, the track needs to be dry for safety reasons so if the weather isn’t playing ball, the team will do their best to reschedule your drive or ride.

Back at the villa
As with any experience that is a once in a lifetime dream, you get a video and other memorabilia so that you can relive the moments. Back ‘home’ at your luxury Orlando villa you can do just that. That’s unless it’s your turn to cook supper in the villa’s summer kitchen. Oh well you can just recount the moments over a cool beer.

P S It’s a great idea for team building events too!

N B Pictures courtesy of The Exotic Driving Experience