Disney helps create Habit Heroes

Walt Disney’s clever imagineers are always looking for new ideas and new ways to entertain visitors. Interactive games and new techologies give them lots of opportunities.

One of these has just reopened at Epcot Innoventions centre. Habit Heroes has a good message for kids and adults too. It’s all about how healthy living can make us all feel like super heroes especially when we’re kids!

What’s it all about?
A fun way for kids – big and small – to understand how important healthy living is, Very grown up but good to see Disney encouraging it and helping to educate.

Where can we ‘play’ Habit Heroes?

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Innoventions Centre

Epcot Theme Park is one of DisneyWorld’s four parks in Orlando very close to where your Orlando luxury villa is. It won’t take you very long to get there at all. If you drive to the main DisneyWorld entrance, you can catch the monorail to Epcot.

How do we ‘play’ Habit Heroes?
Any child worth their salt, knows how to play interactive games! You’ll be taken through a series of stages and your actions will affect what happens on screen – it’s like any playstation or Wii game but with a huge screen and eleven helpers.

What’s the game all about?

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Becoming habit heroes

Your group of twelve recruits are taken to meet Jin and her agents, Quench, Dynamo and Fuel. The recruits will need to ’blast the enemies’ of the agents – dehydration, inactivity and poor nutrition.

Recruits get to blast these nasties and ‘fight back’ with water, activity and fruits and vegetables in three different ‘stimulation’ rooms.

In Room 1, guest’s actions are detected by motion tracking technology and their movements help to kill off the bad habits. In Room 2 they blast the nasties to get rid of them. Just like any other videogame. In Room 3 they work as a team eventually defeating the bad habits and becoming heroes.

All part of your holiday

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Zapping scorchers

Keep your Habit Heroes fighting the fight long after the visit to DisneyWorld. Once back at your luxury villa near Disney you can really put these lessons into practice.

It’s not difficult to encourage activity in the villa resorts as there is so much to do from swimming, biking or just general outdoor playing. Of course it’s always easier to encourage drinking water and eating healthy when the climate is so good too.

Don’t forget to book your attraction tickets when you book your villa will you?

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