Holidays in Space – Christmas in Florida

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Holidays in Space at The Kennedy Space Center

If you think your Christmas celebrations are out of this world, think again.  Astronauts might be the only people who can really own that statement!  That’s got you thinking.  What would it be like to celebrate Christmas in space?

Fortunately for you, we know just the guys who can answer that question.  If you’re lucky enough to be spending Christmas in a villa near Disney, hop in your hire car and head on over to The Kennedy Space Center to find out.


These space experts are marking the festive period with their second annual ‘Holidays in Space’, an event that is guaranteed to be out of this world!  Included in the celebrations is the opportunity to see actual footage of astronauts celebrating Christmas in space.  Will they be pulling crackers and eating Christmas pud at zero gravity do you think?

What else will you discover?
Well if you’ve always wanted to know how other countries enjoy the festive period, you can find that out too.  The Kennedy Space Center can tell you all about its International Space Station partners and their Christmas traditions.  With 15 partners from very different countries including Japan, Sweden, Canada, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Norway, France, Denmark, Germany, USA and the UK, we’re sure there will be some similarities as well as a few enchanting surprises.

Will Santa be there?
It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa, so rest assured he will be there with Mrs Claus in-tow.  He will meet and greet, smile for the camera and hear your wish in Santa’s Launch Control Center, just make sure you’ve been good all year!  Now we’re not saying that Mrs Claus likes the sound of her own voice, but she will be in story telling mode whilst she’s visiting the space center!  So make yourself comfortable and enjoy space-themed tales including ‘What the moon is like’ and ‘The Cat in the Hat – There’s no place like space’.

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Welcome to The Kennedy Space Center!

What else is there to see?
There is a giant 42’ space-themed Christmas tree hanging out with the retired space rockets in the Rocket Garden.  It’s the one covered in white bulbs, strobe lights and 600 tiny flags representing the 15 partner countries – you can’t miss it!

What is there to hear?
You may hear the clatter of reindeer hooves high above, but you’re more likely to hear the angelic voices of international carol singers as they sing all your Christmas favourites.  We dare you to sing along!

The Kennedy Space Center brings you Holidays in Space at no extra cost to the entrance admission, which is $50 per adult and $40 per child aged 3-11 plus tax.

The celebrations run from 23rd November until 1st January 2013 and are just a short sleigh ride away from your luxury Orlando villa!

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