Top Villa’s Pool of The Week

Situated in an impeccable area, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, luscious beaches and beaming sunshine, absorb that heat and experience an unforgettable vacation in this villa.

Sandy Lane 4

Accommodating up to 10 guests, the astounding villa features 5 beautifully designed bedrooms, fabulous decor throughout and a tranquil, expansive pool area.

Sandy lane 4's beautiful pool lit up under the night sky

Sandy Lane 4’s pool area

Enclosed by the vast amount of greenery and set under the cool night sky, comes an exceptional pool area. Offering more than enough space to enjoy a refreshing swim, take a paddle or just dangle your legs in the soothing waters, it’s simply perfect. With sun loungers scattered around, you’re able to absorb the sun’s warmth, whilst admiring the scenery.

Sandy Lane 4's pool area in stunning daylight

Sandy Lane 4’s pool area

Suitable to spend an afternoon or evening, the pool area features a shadowed section, with the majority in beaming sunlight, putting forward a choice of where you’d like to sit and relax. Presenting a copious amount of shrubbery, it enhances the natural, tranquil atmosphere.

Sandy lane dining area

Sandy Lane 4’s Outdoor dining area

To dine at any time during the day, available is a sheltered, outdoor dining and lounge area.  Cook up a scrumptious spread and toast many drinks under the night sky or bright morning sun with all your family and friends.

For that ultimate dream vacation, filled with magnificent weather, awe-inspiring views, this villa is absolutely idyllic. Read more, to find out other information or to book this villa.