Top Villa’s Pool of The Week

Situated in the gorgeous Greek island of Mykonos, a villa created for that perfect, peaceful getaway.

Mykonos 1

Overlooking the exceptional Aegean sea, comes a villa with the definition of pure bliss. Depicting a beautiful vision of clear blue skies and sea, it’s something you wouldn’t want to miss when travelling to such a divine place. Lit up under the night sky, the charming lights enhance the already adoring home.


Perched on a edge, outside of the home is the charming, reflective pool area. Looking out to the picturesque surrounding scenery, there isn’t a better place to have a swim or simply relax in the soothing waters. Nestled up in the mountains, this vacation rental is unique to the many others on offer.


Designed with a blend of distinctive Greek furnishings and modern architecture, it’s simply an exquisite home. Crafted in luxury, the surroundings are so quiet, you are able to hear the subtle sounds of nature.


To dine, whilst admiring the impeccable landscape, their outdoor area includes many colourful seats to enjoy a couple of splendid drinks and a chat. If that isn’t enough, a sheltered dining area is also available, giving you the option of eating dinner out of the bright sun.

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Greek Signature Dishes

Indulge yourself with the various famous foods Greeks do best.

From salads to soups or even mouth watering meat dishes, relish the unique tastes of their cuisine.



One of the most renowned Greek meals, Moussaka consists of  eggplant, spicy meat filling and a creamy bechamel sauce layered in the dish. Baked till golden, it can be served with a selection of sides and as such a widely recognized dish, its a must when visiting this country.



A delicious and wholesome main, the combination of pasta, meat filling and creamy bechamel sauce is bound to go down a treat. Cooked until its golden brown and similar to the Italian lasagna, this distinguished food is another Greek delicacy.



Within the Greek culture, Kokoretsi is known to be among the favourite dishes. Presented mainly at Easter time as part of the banquet, the meal includes roasted and wrapped lambs entrails, typically served up with lemon on the side.

Horiatiki salata: Greek salad


The traditional ‘Horiatili salata’, or Greek salad as its known is essential in all Greek establishments. A mixture of feta, olives, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onions, green pepper, oregano, which served with olive oil is a beautiful blend for the opening of a dinner.



Perfect served with Greek meats, as a dip or used as part of the dish, Tzatziki is a cool and refreshing addition to a meal. Created using Greek yougurt, finely chopped cucumber, garlic and olive oil, its very simple to make yet has an appetizing flavor.

Fill Up on Santorini Cuisine – Top Villas Top 5

Santorini may be best known for its sun, sea, sand and stunning sights, but this unique volcanic isle also boasts some of the finest dining in the Cyclades.

Eating Out in Santorini

Eating Out in Santorini

Courtesy of distinctive local ingredients grown in the island’s unique volcanic soil Santorini is set to impress even the most discerning palate. The island boasts an award winning dining scene ranging from traditional Greek tavernas to super-chic eateries serving staples like sweet domantinia tomatoes, yellow fava peas, white aubergine and vinsanto raisin wine. Santorini’s scrumptious specialties can be found in outlets all over the island – here’s our guide to five of the best…

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Santorini’s Sights – Top Villas Top 5

Thought to be the inspiration behind Plato’s story of Atlantis, Santorini is sure to inspire your imagination before you even arrive.

Stunning Santorini

Stunning Santorini

With multi-colored cliffs soaring over a sea-filled caldera, and a rich and mysterious past, this island in the indigo Aegean is the most magical gem in the Mediterranean crown. Curved around a vast crater left by one of the biggest volcanic explosions in history, the main island of Thira will take your breath away.  Snow-white towns line the cliff tops, spilling down in drifts to the water’s edge while churches, castles and hilly villages billow in the blue beyond. Santorini’s smaller islands curl around the western cusp of the caldera, paving the way to the vast volcanic sites that mark the heart of the sea-drowned lagoon.

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Best Beaches in Mykonos – Top Villas Top 5

The Greek island of Mykonos’ diverse and beautiful bays are one of its biggest tourist attractions, with a beach for almost every taste and mood.

Mykonos beaches

In ancient times Mykonos was among the poorest and barest of the Greek islands. Named after its first mythological ruler Mykons, the island is said to have been the location of a great battle between Zeus and the Titans. Today this central Cyclade is one of the glitziest and most popular holiday hotspots in the country with visitors flocking from across the globe to soak up some sun on its exquisite beaches.

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Shopping in Matoyianni Street – Things to do in Mykonos

The Greek island of Mykonos is a popular travel destination, and its Matoyianni Street is a haven for shopaholics.

Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Greece

More than a million tourists flock to the stunning isle of Mykonos every year to soak up its sun-drenched beaches, stunning sights, excellent entertainment and laid back Mediterranean charm. There’s a wealth of things to do in Mykonos, whether you want to shop til you drop, wander through picturesque streets, visit gorgeous white villages, quaint churches, lazy windmills and exquisite sandy beaches.

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