Believe it or not at Ripley’s Odditorium

Orlando really is full of theme parks although that does sell it short as there are plenty of other things to do from golf to shopping. However one of the main reasons that visitors head to the Orlando area for their vacation is the magnetic pull of the DisneyWorld and other similar attractions.

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Believe it or Not
International Drive is home to several of Orlando’s attractions including Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, WonderWorks and many more. You’ll also find Ripley’s Believe it or Not attraction on I-drive. You can hop on and off the i-trolley to get you from A to B along the I-drive.

What’s at Ripley’s Believe it or not?

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Miniature Terracotta Warriors

The Odditorium at Ripley’s is full of strange and odd things collected from around the world. These range from replicas of the Terracotta Warriors to a shrunken human head! There’s portrait of Beyonce made from candy and a dog sculpture completely constructed from pins.

Nothing is too strange for this gallery/museum.

Why Riipley?
The attraction is named after Robert Ripley (born Leroy Ripley) a cartoonist who was fond of seeking out the unusual everywhere he went around the world. He lived at the beginning of the 20th Century. He drew cartoons from a very early age and got them published in the press: The San Francisco Chronicle and later the New York Globe.

He traveled to more than 200 countries always searching for the unusual or the bizarre. His collections can now be seen at the famous Ripley attraction.


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Collector Edward Meyer

The collection hasn’t stopped. If you’d been at Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Orlando last week you could have witnessed visitors bringing their own oddities to the site. Why? Because Ripley’s were holding a Bizarre Buying Bazaar.

And what some strange pieces visitors offered up for auction:

  • Vampire bats with pictures of Steve Jobs and Angelina Jolie painted on them
  • A butterfly with a Vermeer picture replica painted on its wings
  • More portraits: Niki Minaj painted in lipstick, Marilyn Monroe painted in nail varnish, Jimi Hendrix ‘painted’ in the tape from a cassette, John Lennon and Amy Whinehouse made from broken records and CDs and Jennifer Aniston painted in M&Ms
  • Bottles contain a model ship, nails and more
  • Fake donuts

Which were successfully sold to Ripley’s? We’re not sure, you’ll have to pop along and take a look for yourselves. It’s open from 9.30 a.m. to Midnight every day.

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