Antarctica, here we come

Baby it’s cold in there! It’s only two months until SeaWorld opens its doors to its newest and coldest experience, Antarctica – Empire of the Penguins. We all love them don’t we and once this attraction is open we’ll be able to see their home, the South Pole – Antarctica – through their eyes.

It’s always great to have a nosey at how someone else lives. OK so in this case its several hundred penguins, but it will still be fun.

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Antarctica the ride

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The ride

The new ride which is part of this experience is expected to be real ‘state-of-the-art’ stuff. You’ll be led by an animated Gentoo Penguin called Puck who will take you through the icy landscape. Here you’ll experience the sights and the sounds of the frozen land just like a penguin. Incidentally Gentoos are the fastest swimmers in the penguin world.

Fun for the whole family
Yes you’ll all want to slide and ride here and the cars in this ride are big enough. They seat eight people and everyone will get a great view of the penguins in their icy habitat.

The real stars of the show

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Antarctica – Empire of the Penguins

Four species of penguins will be living in this chilly space, right in the middle of hot and sunny Orlando. You’ll see Gentoos just like your host penguin with distinctive orange bills and feet.

Look out for graceful black and white King Penguins, which are the second largest of all the penguin species. They have orange markings on their heads and chests and pair up to incubate their eggs on their feet.

You should recognise the Adelies from Happy Feet fame. They were ‘The Amigos’ by the way. Adelies are only found in the Antarctic, oh and SeaWorld. They are probably the most iconic of all penguins as their markings look similar to tuxedos. Hence the alternative name for a tuxedo: penguin suit.

Last but not least it’s the Rockhoppers who get their name because they literally do hop. They also throw themselves off the rocks to enter the sea and vice versa. Yellow and black spiky feathers that form their crest give them a real punk look. Lovelace in Happy Feet was a Rockhopper.

If you can’t wait until you get there, watch SeaWorld San Diego’s penguins via their webcam. Make sure you catch feeding time.

And if this has tempted you to make a visit to Orlando, take a look online to find your perfect luxury villa.

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