A swashbuckling good time

DisneyWorld, the biggest theme park which attracts millions of visitors every year, has the fortune to be located in one of Florida’s favourite areas. Orlando is a real magnetic hub for vacationers with DisneyWorld acting as the biggest magnet.

No doubt because of this you are spoilt for choice when searching for a suitable luxury villa in the area for you and the family. The Orlando area is brimming over with superb vacation accommodation in landscaped, gated resorts close to the Mouse’s home. You can book online and grab yourself a theme park ticket deal while you’re at it.

There are many attractions at DisneyWorld but today we want to tell you about just one of them.

A pirate adventure

Luxury villas Orlando

Ready to treasure hunt

If you like dressing up and really getting involved in a story then this one’s definitely for you.

A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas can be found at Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom.

OK so here’s the story, Captain Jack, yes none other than the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, is looking for new recruits to help him and his existing crew find treasure in the seven seas. It’s your chance to join the crew and help him find the treasure.

First you’ll need some training and a new pirate name. Once you’ve been allocated your official name from Captain Jack’s leather-bound log, you are ready to be transformed.

Luxury villas Orlando

Getting into character

Your transformation will happen with the aid of Jack’s experienced crew with suitable ‘disguises’ which include beards, scars – well every pirate worth his salt has one – eye patches and earrings!

Then your photo is taken for identification purposes. If pirates weren’t such scallywags we’d consider this is your ‘passport’ but we know pirates don’t conform to anything as official as that!

Make a choice
There are four possible adventures to search for treasure and you get to choose which route you take. This will also affect the disguise you are given so choose carefully. Do you want to be Jake, the First Mate, an Empress or a very girlie and glitzy Mermaid?

Follow the map
Each new recruit gets a map and a talisman to help them find the treasure. Of course you’ll meet a few dangers to test you as you make your way through. Will you get to fire the cannon or find Jack’s compass?

Once you’ve completed your search for treasure you get to take part in the Adventureland Pirate Parade to show off your costume – unless of course the rain comes!

If it does, don’t despair your villa is only minutes away from DisneyWorld.

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